Trump Leaves Iran Nuclear Deal


By Voice of America -, Public Domain,

Trump speaking to a crowd

Samantha Salazar, Journalist

On May 8, 2019, Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the Iran nuclear deal he’s been framing the deal for a long time because he’s been wanting to leave the deal for a long time.

Trump announced on Wednesday that he has given approval to have new sanctions against Iran. What is the nuclear deal you might ask? The deal prevented Iran to develop nuclear weapons. It’s Iran’s deal nuclear energy programmer. It feared the world leaders that it could be used to create nuclear weapons.

Esmeralda Pineda commented on the Iran plan, “If Trump wanted to leave the nuclear deal for a while now, why did he just leave now?” Trump said that the agreement of the nuclear deal was a failure. He believes that the deal is not strict enough, and that Iran can’t be trusted because of  Iran development of their long range missiles. He called it “the worst deal ever.”

The Nuclear deal was signed by not only the United States in 2015, but also by France, Russia, Germany, the UK, China, and the European Union.

Freshman Sugey Navarrete had this to say about how she feels of the Iran plan, “Why would the Iran president want to manufacture nuclear weapons in the first place?” The Iran president wants to develop nuclear weapons because he wants a nuclear program and wants to defend against any threats.

Iran was also considering of starting the process again of higher enrichment of uranium. It will begin in 60 days, if the world powers don’t protect it from the U.S sanctions which right now is being developed into an Arak heavy water reactor.