Under the Stars


Bella Ramirez

Everyone setting up to watch the Sandlot in the gym.

Isabella Ramirez, Journalist

On May 10, 2019 from 6 to 9 there was a class of 2021 hosted event called Under the Stars which was moved from the softball field to the gym because of weather conditions.

Under the Stars was the last event of the school year to have fun and watch a movie with your friends. Originally, they were supposed to stream both Sharktale and The Sandlot, but because of the quick change of setting they were only able to play one movie. The students who attended the event were provided with free popcorn and candy, but extra snacks and drinks had to be paid for separately.

Freshman Michael Bonilla stated, “I thought it was pretty fun besides the fact that the floor was hard. I liked that we were inside, and not in the cold. I think they should have had a screen to see it better. My favorite memory was when my friend was roasting me the whole time.”

Sophomore Eduardo Jimenez’s opinion about Under the Stars was, “I thought that Under the Stars was a great idea for everyone to come and have a good time. If Jimenez could change the event, he said he would “actually be under the stars” outside on the softball field, but due to the weather it wasn’t possible. He continued, “My favorite memory was being able to hang out with friends, and having a good time.”