Supper with the Super


Valley Union High School District’s superintendent, Dr. Williams, posing with teachers, parents, and students for “Supper with the Superintendent” in the MPR.

On Tuesday, May 7, 2019 parents were invited to attend the “Supper with the Superintendent” where they could meet and speak with Victor Valley Union High School District’s superintendent, Dr. Williams, in the MPR.

Dr. Williams invited Mrs. Hatcher to talk about University Preparatory’s recent recognition as a distinguished school. Dr. Williams then displayed a video about how all the schools in the VVUHSD (Victor Valley Union High School District) are progressing in order to open up more opportunities to students and prepare them for college.

Tracy Martinez went to the meeting and expressed her opinion on the event saying, “The supper with the Superintendent was a great opportunity to learn more about the strategic plans the Victor Valley Union High School District has in mind to help the students succeed.” The superintendent displayed plans for the future even going as far as to talk about the year 2020.

Dr. Williams began to involve students by having them read some bullet points aloud, he did the same with the district administrators and Spanish teacher Sr. Garcia and Mrs. Barrientos whom also attended. The presentation ended with students and parents alike expressing their thoughts and asking questions.

When asked why she thought it was good for the parents to go to this event, Tracy responded with “I believe that it was a great chance for Dr. Williams to see that parents and relatives are involved in the students education.” Tracy stated that her overall opinion of this meeting was, “This was a fantastic and great way to interact with each other. I can’t wait for next year.”