The Difference Between Beginning Band and Wind Ensemble: Six Years of Commitment


Leslie Tello

Beginning Band, directed by Mr. Rust, play during their Spring Concert on May 4th. Wind Ensemble, directed by Mr. Harps, performed after.

Leslie Tello, Journalist

Wind Ensemble and Beginning Band performed at their Spring Concert at 11:00 a.m. in the gym on Saturday, May 4th. Beginning Band wore professional Monday dress while Wind Ensemble sported classy maroon suit jackets.

Beginning Band, directed by Mr. Rust, started off the concert with Japanese Folk Song “Sakura, Sakura” arranged by John Higgins. For many of the students, the concert was only their second or third. When asked if he was nervous playing, 7th grader Abrar Amin said, “Absolutely not. I knew I was going to do well.”

Before they played the last three band arrangements, Mr. Rust explained that the reason they have Wind Ensemble and Beginning Band play together was to show how far the musicians have come after many years of hard work and dedication.

When Wind Ensemble began with “Band-O-Ween: Pieces Macabre,” By A Plethora Of Guys, All Dead, arranged by Patrick Roszell, their talent and commitment were truly evident. During their last piece, “JITTERBUG!” by Robert Buckley, their director Mr. Harps felt confident enough to sit down and let the musicians play without his instruction. Seventh grader Bradley Lee said they played stupendously and would like to join Wind Ensemble if he remains at UP.

For the seniors in Wind Ensemble, it would be their last concert at UP. Mr. Harps said they were all extremely talented and begged them to continue to play and share their music with the world. On the parent brochure alongside a list of seniors, it says, “We would like to acknowledge our seniors and wish them all the best in the future. It has been an honor to be your teachers over the past 6 years.” When Mr. Rust inquired how many of the students had been in his class at some point, nearly all of them raised their hand.

When asked what he wanted the younger students to gain from playing with Wind Ensemble, sophomore Jesus Martinez said, “I hope they were inspired because it takes a lot of skill.” Although he says it isn’t easy, he wants all of them to make it through their senior year.

Hopefully, with a lot of experience under their belt, the Beginning Band students will have the opportunity to play in Wind Ensemble 5 years from now.