On the Way to Round 2 of the CIFs


Ruby Magana

Sophomore Darlene Davidson(#3) gets ready to make her way to second base to get closer to home plate.

Ruby Magana, Journalist

The Lady Jaguar Softball’s first CIF game was a home game against the Mountain View Vikings. This Thursday’s challenge found the Vikings with an early lead until the Jaguars picked up the pace and ended the game at the top of the seventh inning with a score of 6-1.

The Vikings scored the first run with freshman M. Hinoiosa crossing the plate in the first inning. They held the lead for a total of five innings.

At the bottom of the sixth inning the Jaguars started a hitting streak that allowed them to comeback against the Vikings. The first runs were made when freshman Victoria Mendez (#1) doubled and allowed sophomore Paige Zimmerman (#13) to come all the way home to score and tie the Vikings. Next sophomore Alina Lopez (#6) hit a single and Mendez scored the second run, allowing the Jaguars to take the lead. Lopez then also scored when sophomore Hannia Espinoza (#23) doubled and brought her around the bases. Back at the top of the lineup, sophomores, Espinoza and Darlene Davidson (#3) singled and were brought home when Fernanda Cantu (#10) singled, extending the lead over the Vikings. To end the inning, Zimmerman doubled and Cantu ran home, scoring the final run before the end of the inning.

The top of the seventh and final inning was a series of quick 1-2-3 outs for the Vikings, who were not able to get around the bases to score. This ended the game early, as the Vikings trailed the Lady Jaguars for an inning.

After advancing to the second playoff round, Darlene Davidson said, “I feel amazing, but I was scared at first because I thought we were going to lose. But after coach Zimmerman said, ‘Pick it up, we’re losing,’ we started to score.”