Alex Arreola: It’s a Gas!


Vallariee Garcia-Trevino

Perfect Attendance Pays Off! Freshman Alex Arreola walked away from the Victorville Motors "It's a Gas to Go to Class" event the owner of a brand new 2019 Ram 1500. Alex, who is only 14, won't be able to drive the vehicle for another year.


Janelle White, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

It’s a Gas to go to Class is an annual event held on the San Bernardino Fairgrounds that rewards students with small prizes such as speakers or gaming systems and big prizes, like the cars, for their perfect attendance in school. Last year, University Preparatory had two winners, Emily Ramirez and Daniel Hernandez who were lucky enough to win the biggest prize presented at the event. This year, freshman Alex Arreola won the final car prize.

At the event, five names are chosen as finalists to receive the prize. They are then shown five different keys, only one of them being able to start the car. All of the finalists from different schools picked their keys and sat in the front seat of the car to turn it on. As each finalist came up one by one, something happened. No one had the correct key and had to do it one more time in front of the audience. Alex Arreola successfully turned the key, and won the white pickup truck, concluding the 2018-2019 It’s a Gas Event.

“I didn’t think I would win anything, but I thought I might as well go to the event.” Arreola stated with a smile, “When my key didn’t work at first, I thought, “Dang it! I didn’t get the car.” I know at first my family was just proud that I was able to get up there.”

She plans on attending future It’s a Gas events, “I will definitely, even though it would be bad to win another car.”