Paige Zimmerman: A Deeper Look


Ruby Magana

Paige gets to first after hitting a single

Cecil Foster, Journalist

For all of those unaware who Paige Zimmerman is, she is currently a sophomore at University Preparatory, and the daughter of UP’s athletic director, Joe Zimmerman, and biology teacher, Summer Zimmerman. Paige was born on January 21, 2004.

She has been playing softball for 5 years now and is currently on the University Preparatory softball team for the second year in a row. Ever since the first day she started playing softball, Paige has worn the #13 on her jerseys. Much like she prefers a certain number for her jerseys, she also prefers New Balance cleats for Softball and for her bat, the Easton Ghost. Along with it being her favorite, it also signifies much more as her closest teammate, Hannia Espinoza, shares that bat with her.

Paige has played volleyball and basketball for the school, but softball is where her heart is. Paige hopes to live up to her goal of playing on division 1 UCLA Bruins softball team but if not, she would like to play softball throughout her years in college.

“Softball has taught me that it is not always about me and how perfect I am, and there’s more in the future to work on and not to dread on the mistakes I have made.” She states.

Paige is an important member of the team for her teammates as she brings an aggressive mentality to the game and the “fire” she plays with motivates them. Paige states her inspiration is her father “because he’s the reason I got into the sport and he has been my coach all my life.” Paige also finds motivation in her little sister’s support from the bleachers with their constant cheering from every game she is at.

Despite being at a school where grades are everything, softball does not get in the way of Paige’s studies. “I am very good at balancing my classes out and practicing my sport.”

Outside of school, Paige can be seen hanging out with friends or practicing softball while out of school. Paige Zimmerman is dedicated to her sport and has goals to achieve in the future.