Presentation Scholarships: Seniors Advance to Second Round


Jannette Gutierrez

Sara Grant and Haylee Lopez, two of this year's Second Round Senior Presentation Winners at their senior portrait sitting.

Jeanine Martinez, Editor-in-Chief

On April 17, 2019, the class of 2019 waited nervously outside doorways after school to present their Senior Presentations to a judging panel consisting of teachers and community members. This year’s presentations featured a great variety of subjects ranging from immigration to the anti-vaccination movement . However, out of the 163 Seniors who presented, only the following 32 will be moving on to the next round and competing for scholarships:

  • Leslie Arroyo
  • Kyrolos Awad
  • Jason Cabrera
  • Fernanda Cantu
  • Peyton Costello
  • Jazmyn Davis
  • Carlos De La Paz
  • Filiberto De Santiago
  • Teofisto Gamurot
  • Viviana Garcia
  • Sara Grant
  • Andrea Hernandez
  • Peter Hernandez
  • Jacquelina Huete
  • Kaylin Jambazian
  • Foster Jung
  • Sophia Kim
  • Haylee Lopez
  • Regina Malana
  • Joseph Medina
  • Iris Mosqueda
  • Giovanni Munoz
  • Lily Nguyen
  • Malik Oda
  • Ivory Ortiz
  • Blair Paul
  • Samiha Raisa
  • Reyna Rodriguez
  • David Scruggs
  • Evelyn Torres
  • Abigail Vargas
  • Taji Williams

Congratulations to ALL of the first round winners and best of luck in the second round!

Second round presentations will continue next week where finalists will be chosen to move on to the third and final round.