Second Win Against Big Bear: Baseball Boys Battle the Cold Weather and the Bears


Jeanine Martinez

Travis Madden (#3) takes a swing and hits the ball full force. In a game against the Bears, the Jaguar Baseball boys won the game with a score of 10-2.

Jeanine Martinez, Editor-in-Chief

The air was crisp in Big Bear on April 12, 2019. At 2:25pm, it was 47 degrees outside and the temperature was set to drop 2 degrees every hour. With a score of 10-2, the Jaguars were victorious against the Big Bear Bears and led by 8 points despite the weather conditions.

With such cold weather, the Jaguar Baseball Boys all huddled together for just a minute in the dugout until it was time to start a warm up before their game against Big Bear. Against chilly wind, the boys went for a run on the field and then went out to do some warm ups.

The weather had been pretty intense the last few weeks in Big Bear and, according to the coach of the Bears, they had only a little practice on their field because of the fluctuating temperatures. Despite the weather, the Bears continued to practice with just thin long sleeves and regular jerseys, unfazed by the chilly winds while our Jaguar boys attempted to adjust to the change.

When the game began, the baseball moms sat comfortably in lawn chairs and layers of clothing prepared in light of last year’s disaster when wind and snow flurries beat upon them. The boys didn’t win that game but blamed the weather for their loss.

Since the weather was so harsh, baseball moms, Shelli Yuen, Rachel Mejia, and Sherri Campos, among others, were prepared for the worst and brought thick jackets, blankets, hand warmers, and even a portable heater.

Thirty minutes before the game, the moms began opening and activating their hand warmers to use themselves and to distribute to the boys. Each mom had had brought more than enough to give out, and, in the end, were left with far more than was needed. The boys, however, didn’t complain.

At the top of the first inning Big Bear’s Tanner Gump (#14) was on the mound. Junior Jasiah Martinez (#21) made his way to home plate to bat and ended up hitting an easy ball to second base for the out.

Following Martinez came junior Gustavo Meza (#25) with a hit that landed right in the glove of the 3rd baseman. After him came senior Rudy Mejia (#11) who obtained 3 strikes, but who was able to attempt to advance to first base on the Dropped Third Strike Rule after the catcher dropped the ball. Unfortunately, the throw from the catcher was far faster.

To the delight of the moms, the bottom half of the first inning went about as quickly as the top.“If we keep it with the 1, 2, 3, we’ll be out of here in no time!” junior Alex Yuen’s mom, Shelli, joked as senior pitcher Rudy Mejia (#11) struck out opposing team member David Ybarra (#4).

The game remained slow until the third and fourth innings when the Bears made 2 runs and the Jaguar boys began to make some runs themselves in the top of the fourth inning when the pace began to pick up as junior Jasiah Martinez (#21) scored a run.

That set the enthusiasm of the Jaguars into motion. Every time a player went up to bat, the boys would burst into cheers. However, the Umpire decided that, although their cheers were nice, the boys needed to be quiet when the pitcher was setting. From that moment on, anytime the boys cheered, a series of hushes would soon follow as they watched the pitcher set on the mound.

Within the fourth inning, a total of 6 runners scored. During this inning, freshman Thomas Fite (#5) switched positions with junior Gustavo Meza (#25) who limped from second base back to the dugout after being injured.

In the two following innings, the boys made a total of 4 more runs. One in the top of the 5th, and three more in the top of the 6th.

In the top of the 5th inning, junior Travis Madden (#3) was the only player to secure a run. Following that inning, the top of the 6th inning started off well.

Freshman Alexis Martin (#2) went up to bat first in the inning. Martin hit to left field and made it to second base while the Bears struggled to get a handle on the ball. After Martin, junior Jasiah Martinez (#21) followed in the footsteps of Martin with a hit of his own and made it to first base.

When it was Gustavo Meza’s (#25) time to shine on the plate, he immediately hit the ball and, to the delight and shock of the audience, Big Bear’ sophomore James Ellsberry (#13) dropped the ball, allowing the boys to fill up every single base.

With the bases loaded, sophomore Anthony Lopez (#22) hit the ball and made it to first base. With that window of opportunity, Martin ran home and scored.

After Lopez came junior Xavior Campos (#17) to hit the ball and bring Martinez home. As the pitcher focused on the batter, Campos made the decision to steal second base and slipped through the pitcher’s radar.

Following this, Madden hit the ball, but didn’t get far, popping out. However, in Madden’s run to first base, Meza was able to make it home.

After the 6th inning, the runs dried up for both teams. Their bodies were cold, but they continued to play on, while their moms watched from the sidelines, smiling when their sons went up to bat.

At the end of the game, the boys were excited to have secured a win against an opponent they had struggled with last year and the years before. According to the team, this is only their second time ever winning against Big Bear in several years.