Jaguars Fight against Barstow Middle School


Ruby Magana

The Jaguars retrieve the ball and take it all the way to the other side of the field to shoot for a goal.

Ruby Magana, Journalist

On Tuesday April 16th, Junior High girls soccer took on the Barstow Hawks for a competitive conference game. The sunny, yet windy game, took place on the Jaguars field, allowing them to have another home win. Jaguars held a lead over the Hawks 1-0 throughout both halves of the game.

In the first half, the first and last goal of the game was made by Jaguar, eighth grader Isabella Orellana (#14). Orellana managed to get a hold of the ball very quickly and scored in the first 10 minutes of the game. She says, “I felt good being able to score a nice goal, and that it was my goal that helped my team win the game.”

Score remained 1-0 with the Hawks still chasing the Jags for the win in the second half. None of the Hawks managed to get a goal past goalie, seventh grader Angela Bettess (#27). The Jaguars unfortunately did not make any goals either.

Teammate, eighth grader Clarissa Duardo (#20) says, “The win in general was already a big factor to the team, but if we would have attacked the ball more I think we would have scored a lot more,” after being asked what the team could have done better to contribute more to win.

Although the Hawks were no match for the Jaguars, they still held a good game for both halves, blocking all but one shot to the goal.