Final 2022 Freshman Lock-in


Vallariee Garcia-Trevino

Students from the class of 2022 had enjoyed pizza and soda served to them at the lock-in

Vallariee Garcia-Trevino, Journalist

On April 11th, the 2022 freshman had their last lock-in of the year. The lock-in lasted from 2-to-3:30 and had an entrance by fee of $4. Everyone received pizza, drinks, and got to play 5 different games with their fellow classmates. The winners of each game received a 2022 shirt and a candy.

As soon as you walked in, ’22 ASB members directed you to a free slice of pizza and soda. After everyone had their first serving, there were enough for people to have seconds. While everyone was eating, the students were introduced to their ASB members of ’22.

ASB advisor of the Class of 2022, Gina Hallwachs, stated, “I wish more of the freshman would have showed up to the event because we had a lot more fun.”

Besides the low outcome, students still participated in all the lock-in had to offer.

As students finished their food, a game called “human knot” was being set up. For this game, there were 4 different groups of students that linked hands and had to get untangled.

The next game that was played was called “Mafia.” In this game all the students stood in one big circle with a ‘detective,’ Mitchell Ferris, stood in the center as the detective, watching everyone intently. Ferris had to look out for the one anonymous student among the circle that had to blink at people in order to knock them out of the game.

The third game was one that went perfect with the throwback theme of the lock-in. This was a game of ‘Finish the Lyric. Ella Cerna played songs from the early 2000’s and one student from each of the four groups would race to the mic on scooters. Once you arrived at the mic, you were tasked with finishing the lyrics to the song that was played.

The following game played was two rounds of ‘4 Corners.’ The two champs of this game were Zannia Banks and Tajena Maiden.

The final game at the lock-in was a game of musical chairs. In this game, the top 5 winners received a prize. But, during the game, the top three winners had to go play musical chairs following the commands told by Ashley Fuentes.

Freshman Shanelle Diaz stated, “My favorite game at the lock-in was musical chairs because I took one of my friends chair and she ended up falling, which was funny.”

Chyanne Harris commented on the lock-in, “I love how we got to play a lot more games and how there was such a variety of music! The only thing that was bad was how the music kept messing up and glitching.”

With minimal mishaps, hopefully the next year will bring in more Freshman to their lock-ins. Besides that, the memories created at the event are surely ones to be talked about for weeks by friends in the Class of 2022.