Knights Fight Senior Jags


Ruby Magana

Pitcher sophomore Alina Lopez (#6) gets ready to release the ball to catcher, senior Jasmin Cisneros (#11) in the top of the 4th inning.

Ruby Magana, Journalist

The Jaguars took on AAE’s varsity softball team on Tuesday April 9th for a home conference game. The lady Jaguars led the Knights throughout the five innings played for their senior night. Jaguars ended the game early when the score went up to 10-0.

Neither team was able to score during the first three innings before obtaining three outs; there were many mistakes that could have held enough time to allow another teammate to score but they weren’t able to make any runs.

Finally, at the bottom of the 3rd inning, the Jaguars began to get on base more. Senior Fernanda Cantu (#10) stared the base running after hitting a single and later stealing second base, moving her closer and closer to home plate. After, Sophomore Paige Zimmerman doubled while Cantu made her way home and scored the first run of the game. Then, to score another run, freshman Victoria Mendez (#1) hit a double and Zimmerman scored. To end the inning, Mendez scored the last run when teammate sophomore Hannia Espinoza (#23) hit a single. The inning ended with the Jags in the lead 3-0.

In the 4th inning, the Jaguars started off their hitting streak once again to extend their score over the Knights. Sophomore Alison Betancourt (#15) and senior Stacy Gonzalez (#7) were the first to score for their team this inning with doubles being hit, getting them around the field, all the way to home plate. Soon after, Zimmerman scored again when player freshman Bibi Rodriguez (#8) hit a double, creating enough time for Zimmerman to make her way through all four bases.

Later into the inning, pitcher sophomore Alina Lopez (#6) hit a ball to outfield that bounced out of the fence allowing both Mendez and Cantu to score and add two runs to their score. Then, towards the end of the inning, sophomore Lita Suarez (#17) makes the last run of the inning, were it end with the Knights still trailing the Jaguars 9-0.

For the final inning of the game, the Knights did not score before their three outs. For the Jags, this inning depended on one run to end the game. Midway through the inning,  Cantu scored that final run of the game making the final score 10-0.

The Lady Jags took home another win on their senior night. This game wasn’t only a win, but a mercy on the Knights. Senior and catcher Jazmin Cisneros (#11) stated, “It feels good to mercy because we all come together and I’m proud of us for working so good together. Also, it shows how much we put into practice actually pays off.”

Although the Knights were not a fit for the Jaguar, they still held up a good game. No Knight was able to get any hits through the Jags team. This changes the Jaguars standings to a 14-7 and the Knights to 6-5.