Mamma Mia – A Synopsis


Javier Ortega III

The show is over and the actors get ready for pictures. Parents are asked if they want to go up and take pictures.

Javier Ortega , Journalist

The drama department presented its spring production of Mamma Mia, directed by Junior Mariah Gonzales, on campus April 3rd through April 5th, 2019.

Mamma Mia is a musical filled with 24 songs that cleverly expresses the characters’ thoughts and feelings.  The plot is driven by the journey of a young woman named Sophie who is getting married and longs for her father to walk her down the aisle. The problem is, she doesn’t know who her father is. She eventually comes across her mother’s diary, finding out the names of the three men who could possibly be her father.  Three months before the wedding, she sends an invitation to all three of them without letting her mother know. To her surprise, all three men show up.

In the first act, the fathers arrived at the island. Sophie (Senior Megan Connell) convinced the three men not to tell her mother, Donna, (Sophomore Isabel Bernal) that she invited them to the wedding. The men attempted to keep the secret, but Donna soon runs into them.  Shocked by her discovery, Donna expresses her discontent through a song (“Mamma Mia”) and eventually runs off crying (“Chiquitita”). Donna’s friends Tanya (Senior Stephanie Diaz Cruz) and Rosie (Senior Alexia Figueroa) find her crying, and attempt to cheer her up (“Dancing Queen”).

Sophie, still unclear as to which of the three men is her father, shares her secret with her fiance Sky (Sophomore Carlos Lobo). Then at Sophie’s hen party, while Donna and her friends Tanya and Rosie, known as the “Dynamos”, are performing a song (“Super Trouper”) the three dads, Sam Carmichael (Sophomore Elijah Soghomonian), Harry Bright (Sophomore Ethan Bunn), and Bill Austin (Senior Charlie Tran) accidentally walk in on the party.

Sophie and her guests persuade the men to stay (“Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!”).  Sophie pulls each of the three men aside and eventually concludes that Bill is her father. Sophie asks Bill to walk her down the aisle at her wedding, but Bill wants to talk to Donna first. Sophie insists for him not to tell her mother (“The Name of the Game”) and Bill finally agrees. When they returned to the party, Sky’s friends were already crashing Sophie’s hen party. Harry and Sam approached Sophie at different times claiming that they are her father. Sophie, once again, is confused and doesn’t know what to believe (“Voulez Vous”).

In the second act, Sophie has a nightmare in which Harry, Sam and Bill fight over who gets to walk her down the aisle (“Under Attack”). Donna notices that Sophie is upset and assumes that Sophie wants to cancel her wedding plans. Sophie gets offended and vows that her children will grow up knowing who their father is and storms off.  Sam walks in and tells Donna that Sophie’s actions are not really who she is (“One of Us”). Donna cares about Sam the most and they both wish they could go back in time (“S.O.S.”).

Later on in the afternoon, Tanya is being hit on by Pepper (Sophomore Evan Brewer) who works at Donna’s taverna (“Does Your Mother Know”). Sky later finds out that Sophie only set up the wedding to find out who her father is. He storms off and Sam walks in telling Sophie about his failed marriage (“Knowing Me, Knowing You”). As Donna is getting ready, Harry knocks and enters the room. He offers Donna to pay for the wedding and then reminisce about their past (“Our Last Summer”). Harry then leaves and Sophie enters the room. She asks her mom if she can help her get ready.

Donna can’t believe her daughter’s going to be a bride (“Slipping Through My Fingers”). Sam returned to Donna to speak to her, but Donna asked him to leave. Sam refuses and Donna tells him he broke her heart when she found out that he was engaged (“The Winner Takes It All”). During that time, Rosie was in the taverna making final preparations when Bill walks in upset. He declares himself single again but Rosie is suddenly attracted to him and tells him to reconsider (“Take a Chance On Me”).

When it’s finally time for the wedding, Sophie and Sky meet at the altar. The priest is suddenly interrupted by Donna acknowledging the fact that Sophie’s father is in the room. Sophie tells her mother that she knows and that she invited them for that very reason. Sophie abruptly puts a stop to the wedding, and Sam takes this opportunity to propose to Donna. Donna accepts Sam’s proposal (“I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do”), and Sophie and Sky depart on a round the world tour (“I Have a Dream”).


When asked about the performances, Mr. Page said that he truly enjoyed it. “I’ve been training my stagecraft to handle things on their own. This is the first time I get to sit down in the audience and enjoy the show. Every year I give more control to my students.” He went on to say that he believed that the performances went “really well this year.”

Senior Megan Alisha Connell, the play’s choreographer, said “I had faith in my cast. I didn’t have any concerns and we always pulled together.”  Since this was Megan’s last year at the school, it was a meaningful production for her. “I was very emotional. It’s my last show and it will be very heartfelt.”