A Cat Fight

Adam Gutierrez (#6) and Gustavo Meza (#25) showing good sportsmanship after loss against Granite.

Audrina Menchaca

Adam Gutierrez (#6) and Gustavo Meza (#25) showing good sportsmanship after loss against Granite.

Audrina Menchaca, Journalist

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On a Thursday afternoon on April 4th, Jaguar Boys played a rescheduled game against Granite Cougars at the Jags home field. Jaguars put on a fight but came home with a loss of 7-1.

Granite started off the cloudy game with a run, but junior pitcher Jasiah Martinez (#21) didn’t let a player hit the rest of the first inning. Not long after the Cougars first run, they got 3 outs which lead the Jaguars up to bat.

First batter, Martinez (#21), got a base hit to center and got to first base. Next, junior Gustavo Meza (#25) got another base hit but the Cougars put up a fight and got Martinez out, followed by  Junior Xavior Campos (#15) as an outfielder caught the ball and threw to second, which left the Jaguars with 2 outs.

Next up to bat was Junior Travis Madden (#3), who struck out and ended that ended the first inning with a score of 1-0.

Pitcher Jasiah Martinez did not give the Cougars the chance to get a hit and struck them out all 3 times.

In the bottom of the third inning, things started to heat up between the Jaguars and Cougars when Freshman Alexis Martin (#2) was up to bat and hit to the far right of the field and got to first base. Up again was Martinez (#21) who hit to center, got Martin to second base, and put himself on first.

Campos (#17) was up to bat, continuing the hitting streak with a hit to the right field. Granite’s shortstop junior Braxton Reeves (#6) made a minor mistake, which brought Martin (#2) in, making the score 1-1. Campos was on second base and Martinez was on third. Up next to bat was Madden, who got on first base, but Granite did not leave the bases loaded for long, and got 3 outs shortly after.

In the 4th inning, Cougar senior Eric Gomez (#21) was brought in by senior Jakob Mayer (#1). Granite coach changed pitchers shortly after and sophomore Brynden Rodriguez (#41) struck out all 3 Jag batters.

Shortly after, the Cougars caught up and secured their score in the top of the 7th inning with a score of 7-1. The Jaguars put up a fight but could not quite catch up, leaving the score 7-1, resulting in the Jaguars adding a loss to their record.

After the Jaguar boys talked to their coach about little things they could have worked on and let their thoughts out, freshman Adam Gutierrez (#6) mentioned that the boys “could have limited our errors, been more aggressive with the plate, and listened to our coaches signs. We’ll get them next time but at least it wasn’t a league game to put us in jeopardy.”