Bears Can’t Take Over a Jaguars House


Ruby Magana

Sophomore Alina Lopez (#6) pitches her last pitch before three outs, to end the fourth inning.

Ruby Magana, Journalist

Lady Jaguars won their home conference game against Big Bear’s softball varsity team. The seven long innings of back-to-back runs on Tuesday, the 19th, led to the final score of 15-5.

The first inning ended with the Bears in the lead when junior Ashley Griffiths (#9) hit a double and allowed teammate, junior Jada Hastings(#8), to make it all the way home from second base. The Jaguar’s did not have the chance to score any runs and entered the second inning, training by 1 run.

At the beginning of the second inning, the Bears didn’t have any teammate make it through all three bases to score. At the bottom of the second inning, the Jaguars started to pick up their pace and scored a total of 6 runs. The first run was made by, senior Jazmin Cisneros(#11). Soon after, player senior Fernanda Cantu (#10) made the second run of the game when, sophomore Paige Zimmerman(#13) hit a double and spared her enough time to make it home. Toward the end of the inning, freshman Victoria Mendez(#1) hit a run while bases were loaded, allowing 4 runs to come in. This put UP in the lead, with score being 6-1.

In the top of the third inning, the Bears managed to get a run in when Griffiths hit a double, giving sophomore Alexa Duran (#22) the ability to make it all the way to home plate and scoring her team’s second run of the game. Later, during the bottom of the inning, the Jaguars scored another three runs, extending their lead over the Bears. To start off the runs being scored, Cisneros scored the first run coming from second base. Then, teammate sophomore Alison Betancourt(#15) made a run while Cantu singled and got out running towards base. When Betancourt was asked how she felt contributing to the team, she said, “I feel my contribution to the team isn’t as big as the other girls but I can definitely be put anywhere on the field and try my best, if coach needs something done, I’ll do whatever I can to try and execute whatever he asks.”

Later, to finish off the inning, Jaguar freshman Bibi Rodriguez(#8) hit a single and allowed senior Stacy Rodriguez(#7) to make the final run of the third inning. The Bears were still trailing the Jaguars 9-2.

The Bears were not able to get enough hits before the three outs to make any runs for the fourth inning. On the other side, the Jaguars took advantage of the fourth inning and scored more runs. To begin, Mendez hit her second home run this game alone. Right after, Betancourt scored another run when teammate Rodriguez got walked to first base when she was hit by the Bears pitcher, Duran. Later, when Bibi Rodriguez was asked what she thought her team can work on, she suggested ” I think that the one thing we can improve on is not making so many errors while base running. We have a lot of skill and can get on base, but I think when we get on base, we have to be a lot smarter.”

The fifth inning began with the score of 12-2, with the Jags still in the lead. To start off for the Bears, freshman Kylie Huscka(#17) hit a double, allowing junior Justyne Burgos(#14) to make another run for her team. Soon after, sophomore Kayce Thompson(#1)  hit a double and brought in teammate Huscka. Later on, before the top of this inning was over, Thompson also scored a run, making a total of 3 runs this inning. At the bottom of the fifth, the Jaguars also made 3 runs. Sophomore Hannia Espinoza(#23)  scored the first run to kick off the inning for her team. Later, both sophomores, Lita Suarez(#17) and Darlene Davidson(#3), came in after being subbed in as runners close to the end of the inning. This ended the inning  15-5, with the Jaguars leading.

The last two innings for both the Jaguars and the Bears weren’t as impactful on the scoreboard, where neither teams were able to make any more runs. Although the Bears were no match for a close score game for the Jaguars, they still held up a good game throughout the innings. The ends the game with the lady Jaguars taking home another win, remaining in first place with their 10-7 record.