Jaguars Dominate the Bears


Hisham Qotami

Jasiah Martinez (#21) first up to bat in a game against Big Bear, March 19th, 2019

Hisham Qotami, Journalist

University Preparatory Baseball won 5-2 to Big Bear on March 19th, 2019 at their home field.

This was the Jaguars sixth win in the 2018-2019 season and even though they are celebrating now, they need to get better to make it into CIFs. Though senior Seyam Kabir commented on his team’s performance, “I very proud of my team for going out there and getting that dub and I feel like we did a great job even though I wasn’t even there but always need to work harder if we want to get better and go to C.I.F in the foreseeable future.

Sophomore Anthony Lopez was selected as the M.V.P for the Jaguars during their game. This was due to his outstanding stats which were as follows: he went 2 for 3 with 4 RBI’s, single, double and reached on an error.

Before the game even started, the Jaguars were pumped and very enthusiastic. They kept up with that same energy throughout the whole game and when anyone of their team mates went up to bat, they would roar with excitement. Their cheers would get even louder when anyone of them got a hit on the ball.

During the game, freshman Adam Gutierrez (#6) had a another goal besides winning their game. Whenever a player hit a foul ball, Gutierrez would watch as the ball went up in the air and would follow it as it made its way outside the field. Gutierrez (6) would then get the ball, his team there to hype him up the whole time. When asked why no one else was searching and collecting these foul balls, the team laughed and responded that he was trying to get a world record on the most fouls retrieved.

The first inning started with Xavier Campos (#17) pitching and Travis Madden (#3) catching behind the batter. Xavier struck the first 2 players out, then the last ball was caught by an outfielder. In the bottom of the first, Jasiah Martinez (#21) hit a single and Gustavo Meza (#25) followed with a single of his own. However, neither of their hits turned into runs.

The game took a slower pace after that, that was until Sophomore Anthony Lopez (#22) hit a double which allowed both Travis Madden (#3) and Xavier Campos (#17) to complete their runs.

Near the end of the game, Big Bear caught up after two of their players made runs but, in one outstanding move, Martinez (#21) dove to home and just barely made it, making the score 5-2 which allowed the University Preparatory Jaguars to take this game home.