Things to Do Over Spring Break with Little to No Travel


Jeanine Martinez

Route 66 is just one of many places to explore. With many historical sites trickled along the famous route, there are endless possibilities for pictures and places to visit.

Samantha Salazar, Journalist

Spring break is a week vacation for students in the spring. At this time, you may want to do something fun with your friends and family. Although you may want to do or go somewhere fun, sometimes traveling outside of Victorville can be expensive.

Sophomore Martina Sadeek enjoys her spring break for two main reasons, “I enjoy spring break because I get to spend time with friends and I also get to catch up in life.” Hanging out over spring break without the hovering dread of school work is a relief and what better way to enjoy break than exploring?

There are tons of activities that you can do during your spring break at home. One of the things is to relax (especially after weeks of stress from school). Relaxing can help you in many ways like releasing tension or anxiety. If you want to hangout with your friends, you can plan a sleep over or even through a party. You can either have the party or sleepover at your place or at your friends you can also play games with each other while there.

Another idea is to watch your favorite movies or shows. There are verity of different types of movies and shows and you can watch it while eating  your favorite snacks to enjoy your night even more. Netflix is a great media service that offers tons of shows and movies to binge over break.

There are different things you can do which don’t involve staying at home. Contrary to the popular beliedf that there is absolutely no where to go in Victorville, the city offers plenty of small places to have fun at. Scandia, Victor Bowl, Victor Valley Mall, Cine Mark, Holiday Skating Center, and the Route 66 Museum are just some of the places you can swing by and enjoy with friends and family. A hidden gem to visit would be a more historic area right along Route 66. Located in Oro Grande (close to Victorville), Cross Eyed Cow Pizza is a restaurant with great food and service!

Whether you like traveling or not, if you’re in Victorville and need something to do, these things and places are just the things for you.