“Mamma Mia” for Discovery

Kat Jensen

Samantha Casarez, Journalist

On Wednesday, March 13, the bells were turned off so that Mamma Mia could be performed for the students from Discovery School of the Arts. While not all performances are presented to the local elementary schools, this is not the first performance that has welcomed other schools to our campus. “We’ll do it for the plays we think the elementary kids will enjoy. For example, we didn’t do it for Anything Goes but we did it for Aladdin and The Diary of Anne Frank,” said drama teacher Mr. Page. When asked if they’ve performed for other schools Mr. Page responded saying, “We’ve invited West Palms over before.” The students who had drama during the time of the performance got to enjoy the experience as well.

Sophomore Carlos Lobo, who played the character Sky, said, “I felt nervous since it was my first ever performance, but after getting on stage, I felt more calm. Besides, they’re just kids, so I wasn’t too nervous.” Even so, Lobo still referred to the experience as “nerve-racking”. When asked if anything went wrong, Lobo responded by saying, “Well one of the pillars fell over and I was just like, “Oh dang! That sucks. What’re we gonna do? But we eventually got it back up. It was fun performing for the little kids because they get amused by anything. It was still a bit scary, though.”

Asked if he’d do it again, Lobo replied, “Maybe. It might be a one time thing though. The difference between acting in class and out of class is that in class, there’s a lot less people and you don’t do as much or you don’t have as many lines to memorize.” He is currently taking Drama I. “I also had never danced before, it was hard to get my body to move as it should, but I feel like I got it down.” When asked about the happenings backstage, Lobo laughed and said, “There were two small wheel things and I just got on them with my friend and we were rolling around backstage. But overall, yeah, it was fun and it was also great practice for when we perform for UP.”