GoGuardian is Always Watching


This message is what you see anytime you sign into a Chrome book that has a teacher that is using Goguardian

Hisham Qotami

On March 8, 2019, some students doing their work on their chrome books got a weird message. It was Mr. Frank Wild messaging students on their own screen to get back to work. Many students were confused by these messages and wanted to find out why this suddenly happened. These events happened because of a program called GoGuardian.

GoGuardian was founded in 2014 and it’s based in Los Angeles, CA. They offer four core products including GoGuardian Admin (web filtering), GoGuardian Teacher (classroom management), GoGuardian Fleet (chrome device management), and GoGuardian Beacon (Suicide and self harm alerting).  These services enable school administrators to monitor student activity online, filter potentially harmful or distracting content, and help students in need. As of June 2018, GoGuardian claimed to be active in over 10,000 schools and protects over 5+ Million students. In 2018 GoGuardian was named the fastest growing education company by Inc 500. Now GoGuardian is rumored to be coming to University Preparatory in the foreseeable future.

Computer media specialist Mr. Wild said a few words about GoGuardian and how it would affect all of U.P. Regarding the events including Goguardian, Mr. Wild said “Friday was a test because, eventually, all the teachers are going to get it and the teachers requested it because a lot of times students were working on things other than the assignments they were supposed to be working on and also the math department requested something like this because of problem with cheating- students would open new tabs and use programs like Mathway to get all the answers. The teacher would have difficulties monitoring 30 students at a time if the district didn’t implement this” (meaning it will apply to the whole district). Mr. Wild demonstrated the timeline feature which allows teachers to get a timeline of all the students and what programs they open after the session is activated.

The program software that the district has decided to get is the teachers version which allows any teacher who chooses to use it to check the students’ screens, disallow websites, close tabs if students are off task, and make it so students can only visit one website. Although Friday was only a test, Mr. Wild says that the district board has green lighted GoGuardian for the whole district and it is predicted to come into effect after spring break at University Preparatory.

Junior Cienna Rosas believes that, “The teachers will be breathing up their spine and it’ll be an infringement on their rights.” She says at U.P “teachers are always strict and keep watching us to see if we ever do anything wrong and this new program will be the same story.”

Many students are worried about this, but this is allowed under the student rights and responsibilities contract that all schools in the district require you to sign when you enroll. Others are worried that they do not have enough privacy on the chrome books anymore, however, since the chrome books are property of the school district, students aren’t even supposed to be off task in the first place.

Like it or not, GoGuardian is here and it will be here to stay, so to all the students who are on websites they aren’t supposed to be on, you better get your act together.