SOLD OUT: Kpop Boy Group, BTS, Announces Stadium Tour and Fans Go Crazy



Seniors Leslie Vargas, Reyna Rodriguez, and Elizabeth Libermann all stand around a school Chromebook, patiently and anxiously waiting on ticket announcements.

Stacy Vazquez, Journalist

The worldwide famous Korean Pop Boy Group, BTS, announced a Stadium Tour on February 19, and fans were shocked by the news. The Boy Group will be finishing their Love Yourself Tour this April in Thailand. Fans were shocked to receive the news of a new tour when the current one isn’t finished yet. The group announced dates for Los Angeles, Chicago, New Jersey, Sao Paulo, London, and Paris for their first ever Stadium Tour. BTS, also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan, is one of the most, if not the most, popular Kpop group in the world meaning that it is extremely difficult to purchase a ticket for their concerts.

With only nine days to prepare, the BTS~ARMY had to make arrangements to hopefully be one of the lucky fans to experience their idols live. Many even go as far as using as many devices as possible to increase their chances of getting through Ticketmaster’s virtual queue. For the Love Yourself Tour, tickets were sold out within minutes for the three dates in Los Angeles, California leaving some fans a bit disappointed when they were unsuccessful. Bighit Entertainment announced another date for Los Angeles to hopefully satisfy the fandom. The fourth date also sold out quickly and, yet, it seemed to not be enough for the large amount of fans that live in the US.

After experiencing such a difficulty with buying tickets for the previous tour, fans definitely expected an overwhelming demand for tickets for this date also. Unfortunately, for many fans, Ticketmaster was planning on releasing tickets on March 1, 2019 at 10:00 am. Fans were disappointed since many either work or go to school and the time just seemed to be inconvenient. The younger ARMY had to either rely on their parents or friends, skip school, or even try to buy tickets during school.

Either way, BTS was able to sell out the Rose Bowl in around two hours and the best seats were gone in minutes. Fans were upset since most were unsuccessful and experienced crashing with the Ticketmaster Website. After seeing the demand, Bighit Entertainment released a new date for every location allowing fans one more opportunity to see their idols live. This time, to satisfy work and school schedules, tickets went on sale March 8 at 4:00 pm. Fans sold out the Rose Bowl, Wembley, and Stade de France tickets once again. Tickets for Met Life Stadium, and Soldier Field are still on sale.

Junior Julieta Martinez had to count on her aunt to buy tickets for her on March 1st. “I wasn’t able to purchase the tickets myself so my aunt helped me in purchasing them. It took her a long time to find tickets because right when the window was open the page slowed down and most tickets were gone withing the first 5 minutes. My aunt took about an hour to be able to purchase two tickets,” She states.

Martinez also had the opportunity to attend the Love Yourself Tour back in September. She states, “The overall experience at the Love Yourself concert was amazing. It felt surreal and it was not only because I was able to see my idols but because the people who have helped me in times that were difficult and the people who gave me confidence and hope were so close to me, and I was able to show my support and also enjoy myself.”

She also stated, “When people think Kpop, they think about all the negative things and that the groups are strange but BTS stands out because they are not like the other kpop groups. Their aim has always been different and that has reflected on their music and it is why they have so many fans. They inspire not only young people, but people of all ages and I’m proud to call myself an ARMY.”

The BTS~ARMY is one of the largest fandoms worldwide, so the crazy demand for tickets is expected. Getting tickets is up to luck, and the group will most likely keep growing and get more famous. In the end, it all comes down to how much fans are wiling to spend, risk, and do to go to a concert.