Jags Give Blood to Save Lives


Lance Cpl. Shawn Valosin [Public domain]

One pint of donated blood can save 3 lives. By donating, you could potentially be the difference between life and death.

Shiloh Emanuel , Journalist

On March 7, University Prep had hosted its yearly blood drive. A lot of Jaguars came out to support the cause, even our lunch lady Ms.Connie had made an appearance to donate some blood of her own.

At this specific blood drive, you could donate your blood traditionally or, if you met the requirements, you could choose to use the program called Power Red which take two times the amount of red blood cells and then gives back all of the plasma and platelets to the donor.

Since the age limit to donate blood is 16 years old, there were a few sophomores that were able to donate blood for the first time. Sophomore Roy Ponce was very enthusiastic about his first time giving blood. When Roy was asked about how he felt about giving his blood for the first time he replied with, “It was nice, the staff had made sure that I was okay throughout the whole process and even checked up on me afterward.” After this, Ponce said, “I feel like I had done a good deed today and I will probably keep participating in the blood drive in the future.”

While Roy Ponce was giving his blood for the first time ever, Junior Kevin Vargas was going through a different ‘first’ at the blood drive. This year, Vargas decided to make the Power Red donation.

Vargas has a B negative blood type which is very rare considering that it only takes up 1.11% of the world’s total population. This fact, combined with Kevin’s weight and height made him the perfect candidate for the Power Red program. When asked how he felt about doing Power Red this time around, he replied with, “I really wasn’t too nervous because I know that the people knew what they were doing.” He then went on to say, “The actual process felt weird so I just try my hardest not to look at the blood.” After Kevin had finished his donation, he had to be covered in a dark blue wool blanket since the Power Red donation makes donors feel a bit chilly. Vargas felt the cold right away and stated, “Right now, I’m really cold and I feel kind of tired but I’ll be alright”.

That day there were lot of people that had came to donated. All coming from different races, genders, religions, and blood types but, interestingly, they all had come for the same reason.

Kevin Vargas expressed that universal reason for everyone’s donation when he said that reason that he decided to donate blood was because he “just wanted to save a life.”