Are Vaccinations Good or Bad?


By melvil - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Some people like vaccines, but others don´t like them due to their beliefs on whether or not shots bring unfavorable side effects.

Yulianna Garcia, Journalist

Can vaccinations really help protect you against diseases?

Vaccinations are meant to fight disease that may be going through your body or to prevent diseases from further development. Some people believe that vaccinations do not work and that they are bad for the body. On the other hand, some people think that vaccinations do work and they help prevent any bad diseases from spreading.

According to the Live Science article, in a study, researchers have asked pediatricians why more parents start to refuse vaccinating their children. Pediatricians said that some parents have refused vaccination because they think that the vaccines may be changing the children’s immune system in a bad way instead of helping. Another reason that some parents have refused is because the parents see no real reason to vaccinate their children. Parents have also argued that vaccines may be the cause for autism, but this reason has been disproved.

In the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention article it states, “State and local vaccination requirements for daycare and school entry are important tools for maintaining high vaccination coverage rates, and in turn, lower rates for vaccine preventable diseases.” Before entering school, students need to get their vaccine to make sure that each person is not going to spread a disease at the school. This is really important because it makes the school safe from any disease that there may be out there.

Senior Alyssa Ramirez was asked her opinions on vaccinations and she answered, “I think vaccinations are good because they were made to help prevent fatalities that have been caused by diseases. Therefore, I think vaccinations are very necessary because if plagues occur it helps us be safe. Vaccinations help us prevent any other conditions as well.”

Sophomore Lauryn Tess was also asked what she thought about vaccinations and she replied with, “I think vaccinations are good for people because diseases are viral and can spread very easily. If people don’t get vaccinated, then it causes a domino effect among the people.”

Opinions on whether vaccinations are good or bad vary. Some people think that vaccinations are bad for us or that they don’t have a purpose. But, other people think that they are good and they actually help our bodies fight diseases or prevent them.