Faith Baptist Takes on the Jaguars


Ruby Magana

Sophomore Paige Zimmerman(#14) makes her way to home plate after teammate, freshman Victoria Mendez(#1) hits a double.

Ruby Magana, Journalist

The Lady Jaguars took a win against the Contenders for their first home game of the season on Thursday, February 28. After seven innings of hard work and focus, the final score was 9-1.

The first inning started off with lady Jaguar sophomore Paige Zimmerman (#14) hitting a double. Right after, freshman Victoria Mendez (#1) hit another double, allowing Zimmerman to make her way all the way to home plate, scoring the very first run of the game. In the bottom half of the inning, the Contenders weren’t able get to score off of pitcher sophomore Alina Lopez (#6).

At the top of the second inning the Contenders did not score any runs. For the bottom of the second inning, the Jaguars made a total of 3 runs for their team. These runs were made when sophomore Alison Betancourt (#15) hit a pop fly and got out which allowed sophomore Hannia Rodriguez (#23) to make a run all the way from second base. Later into the inning, seniors Jazmin Cisneros (#11) and Stacy Gonzalez (#7) scored when Lopez hit a double. The inning ended with UP in the lead 4-0.

The score remained the same until the bottom of the fourth inning, when lady Jaguar Gonzalez scored after Zimmerman hit another double. That extended their lead over the Contenders 5-0.

Then for the sixth inning, the Jaguars made a total of 4 runs. The Contenders. unfortunately, didn’t get to score any runs in the inning. The Jaguars scored when Gonzalez, Zimmerman, and sophomore Darlene Davidson (#3) were on base and Victoria Mendez hit the team’s first grand slam of the season. The Contenders still trailed behind the Jaguars going into the final inning 9-0.

Lady Jaguars pitcher Alina Lopez was then asked how she managed to not allow any of the Contenders to get a run before they had three outs that far into the inning. Lopez responded with, ” I play better knowing my team has my back.” That comforting feeling eased her mind and allowed her to play smoothly.

At the beginning of the seventh inning ,Contender L. Schultz (#15) made her team’s very first and last run of the game when teammate B. Rowe (#12) hit a double, creating enough time for Schultz to score. The game ended with UP winning 9-1.

Although the Contenders weren’t fit for the Jaguars speed, they still managed to make a slight comeback at the end of the game scoring a run. The Jaguars ended the game with a ‘W’ at there first home game.