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GoFundMe Scams

Diana Venegas, Journalist

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There are a million ways to earn money. One unpleasant way to make money is to scam people, which there are also a million ways to do.

GoFundMe is a platform that allows people to donate money to others who need it but how do those generous enough to offer know their donation is going to what they meant for it to go to? The GoFundMe website itself has a section that may help you to decide if the donation is legitimate. They say you should be able to ask four questions, one being, “What is the purpose of the campaign and how will the funds be used?” You should be able to answer these questions by looking at the campaign.

There is a description of what/who you are donating to on the site. This is a  way to read what their reasons are and how much money they need. If you are still concerned, there is a way to message the person asking for money.

A controversial report of a supposed black Trump fan went viral on Twitter. She supposedly scammed Trump supporters out of more than $150,000. She started off by revealing herself as a Trump supporter and then posted texts between her and her mother saying that she was getting kicked out of her house for being a Trump supporter then set up a GoFundMe account and asked her fellow Trump fans to support her because she didn’t have enough money to get her own place.

However, she later tweeted, “Trump is a racist, homophobic, transphobic, bigot…” She was applauded for this “genius plan” and for scamming the people she did.

Although eighth grader Kassandra Jimenez has never used GoFundMe, she says she thinks it is no joke to be scammed, “I think what would drive someone to do that is the want of things and not thinking about what others do to earn. They want easy money for themselves.” The good news is, according to GoFundMe, less than one tenth of one percent of the campaigns are fraudulent. There are even some people who weren’t trying to scam but they’re descriptions were misleading. Though GoFundMe is also used for good, such as to pay off medical bills, there are also many scammers waiting to take your money. An unexpected twist was revealed in November about a couple who used GoFundMe to raise money for themselves and a homeless man. It was a heartwarming story that was broadcasted over multiple medias. Surprisingly all 3 people were involved in the scam. The people Mark D’Amico, Kate McClure, Johnny Bobbitt Jr. are being charged with second degree theft according to NBC News. They raised more than $400,000 it goes to show it’s hard to check out the authenticity of anything online. 

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Diana Venegas, Journalist

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