Cadet Corps Receives Superior Ranking


Barbara Caballero

Cadets: Katrina Gilbert, Juan Neri, Luis Leon, Julien Pineda, Deryl Gustave, Ethan McGinty, and Foster Jung receive the SUPERIOR ranking from Colonel Tim Kelley.

Barbara Caballero BREAKING NEWS: Yesterday, our Cadet Corps participated in the Annual General Inspection and was awarded a “SUPERIOR” ranking.

According to Vice-Principal Barbara Caballero, “Our Cadet Corps recently received a SUPERIOR ranking for the Annual General Inspection. Only the highest ranking units in the state can receive such an honor.  They were very impressed by our hard working students.”

UPDATED 3/1/19 1:22pm:

The inspection tested the junior cadets on different subjects, such as knowledge of the program, drill and ceremony, while the senior ranking cadets were also tested on administration within the program.

When asked what they thought the cadets did best and what they could work on, Cadet 1st Lieutenant Ethan McGinty answered, ”I think their uniforms looked amazing and the cadet staff needs to work on their media relations.” He explained that they did bad in the media relations because they were not prepared as there was a new person in charge of that area.

Then, Cadet Captain Katrina Gilbert was asked whether or not she was surprised by the outcome of the inspection, she replied with, “Yes I am, I expected to score high on the inspection, but I didn’t think we would get a superior.”

After the inspection, the cadets were told some surprising news. Their 276th Battalion of the California Cadet Corps would obtain a sister unit!  To help improve the Options for Youth cadet Unit, the 276th Battalion agreed to help the small unit out. Katrina Gilbert elaborated, “I feel like its a learning opportunity for both units, we will be working hard to get them up to speed and help get their unit strength up! The cadets are a bit apprehensive because this is new, but I have the confidence that we can make it work.”