Flooded with Controversy: the Sophomore Field Trip


Naretzi Velasquez

Sophomore Daniella Carrasco reaches into the Shark and Ray Touch pool on the field trip to Aquarium of the Pacific on February 13, 2019. The trip was a source of resentment because the juniors were denied one.

Leslie Tello, Journalist

On Wednesday, January 13th, the sophomores enjoyed a field trip to Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, CA.

Field trips are always a source of excitement for UP students. However, the sophomore trip stirred up a lot of controversy. Juniors were upset because they were not allowed a field trip to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park (formerly named San Diego Wild Animal Park). Talk circulated that the reason behind it was that the zoo was not “educational.” Many juniors argued that a trip to an aquarium should not be allowed either.

When asked if it was fair that the class of 2021 got a trip while the class of 2020 did not, sophomore Elena Valladares responded, “I’m biased because I’m the one that got to go on the field trip… It wasn’t our decision. Obviously they’re going to have a field trip next year so it doesn’t really matter.”

Junior Matthew Argueta disagreed. He also added input as to where he wanted the location to be. “I don’t want to go to a zoo. I would prefer to go to the same place [as the sophomores].”

Ms. Jolie Calderon cleared the air regarding the absence of a junior expedition. “The eight grade trip and the tenth grade trip were done within the first month and a half of school. I told them they needed to get me all the information for eleven grade trip right away because different rules and parameters would be changing and they didn’t get me the paperwork in time, so by the time I sent it to district office of where [the students] wanted to go, they denied it.”

She elaborated on “educational” part of the story. “Unless we have something that we have a lesson on, we can no longer do field trips.”

Although the juniors are still resentful, the sophomores had a blast at the aquarium seeing animals such as tropical fish, turtles, penguins, jellyfish, and even sea lions. The rain did put a slight damper on the day due to the fact that some outdoor exhibits had to be closed because of the weather.

Despite that, many of the sophomores had only good things to say about the trip and when asked to recollect what they learned the day after, they answered enthusiastically with various random facts. Leslie Jovel shared, “The jellyfish we were touching were made of 95% water. When they were glowing, it was because they had eaten recently. Some of them had squiggly stuff because they were pregnant.” It was a day that will be remembered by the sophomores for a long time to come.