Is Valentine’s Day Worth It?


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I love you play blocks

Audrina Menchaca, Journalist

All across the United States and other parts of countries Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is celebrated on February 14. Flowers, chocolates, candy and gifts are given to show how someone appreciates them.

Many say that Valentine’s Day is just for the U.S to get money out of people. Statistics show that the average annual Valentine’s Day spending is about 18.5 billion including the amount of roses, cards and chocolates that are produced yearly. Others say that Valentine’s Day is pointless and is just another day that is celebrated for no reason. The feeling of giving brings other people joy and happiness which leads to the types of gifts people receive and give. Although about 54% of Americans are expected to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, many will just say that it is society that is telling you what to do.

“I like giving to the people I do have love for but, I feel that Valentine’s Day is a day that makes you tell the person you love them or it tells you to get a loved one something instead of getting it on your own time on a different day.” Junior Cienna Rosas commented.

A huge amount of money is spent on a wide variety of Valentine’s day gifts but not many people are willing to spend that much on the gifts. “The most I would spend on a gift would be about 60$ and that is already a lot to me, but its only out of love,” stated Senior Karina Quintero.

Some people have never even received anything on Valentine’s Day, “I never get anything for Valentine’s Day but, the sweetest thing I have done for someone is get them shoes out of the kindness of my heart. I like to give.” said Junior Semaj Wilson.

As many people will say, Valentine’s Day is almost like another holiday just like Christmas, Presidents Day, Easter, etc. Others will argue that the amount of money that is being spent yearly is pointless because it is not out of love if a specific day is telling you to do so.

Valentine’s Day is different for everyone person: to celebrate or to not celebrate a day of love or a day of gift giving?