Barry Got Buckets


Jazmyn Davis

Jaguar David Scruggs (#23) and Knight James Walter Jr. (#25) jump for the ball at the start of the game in attempt to start the game in their favor.

Jeanine Martinez, Editor-in-Chief

On Friday, February 8, 2019, the Boys Basketball Team played against Nuview Bridge Knights for round 1 of their CIF playoff games.

The game started off 2-0, with the first shot from Senior Knight, Luis Rodriguez (#24). Soon after, Senior David Scruggs (#23) was able to make a 3 pointer, putting the Jaguars ahead by 1 point. The Knights quickly followed with a 2 pointer, putting the score 4-3. Rodriguez then made a 3 pointer putting the score 7-3, the Knights leading.

Scruggs (#23) then made another 3 pointer and, just as quickly as the last shot, made a 2 pointer a minute after, bringing the score to 10-7.

The Jaguar Cheerleaders chanted out cheers as the boys battled it out against the Knights. The last few seconds ran by and Senior Yu Bai (#11) made a shot right as the buzzer rang, ending 1st quarter with a score of 15-10, the Jaguars leading.

Starting off 2nd quarter, Junior Shiloh Emanuel (#12) took a fall after trying to go for a shot. He quickly recovered and jumped right back into the game.

Scruggs (#23) was next to score and made a 3 pointer.

The Knights struggled to get their shots into the basket, but soon broke the dry-spell with a 3 pointer from Senior Knight James Walter Jr. (#25). The score was then 18-13, with the Knights trailing 3 points behind the Jaguars.

Halfway through 2nd quarter, Emanuel (#12) took a fall, tripping over Knights Kyle Campbell (#30) and Juan Martinez (#14), which gave the Jaguars the ball. However, Junior Ethan Emick (#10) came off a tad aggressive and cringed as the whistle was blown on him and the Knights were given the ball.

After a small pile up with Junior Travis Madden (#3) and Senior Steven Ibrahim (#24), Knight Rodriguez (#24) was awarded two free throws. He missed both shots, leaving the score tied at 18-18.

Nuview’s Walter (#25) made up for the lost shots with a 2 pointer, making the score 20-18. However, Emanuel (#12) didn’t let the Knights stay in the lead for long and went for a successful 3 pointer, the Jaguars leading 21-20.

Jazmyn Davis
Yu ‘Barry’ Bai (#11) blocks Knight Elijah Lopez (#2) from obtaining the ball from team member, Luis Rodriguez (#24).

The Knights were quick to take the lead again when Rodriguez (#24) followed the Jaguars score with a 3 pointer of his own, the Knights then with 25 points and the Jaguars trailing behind with 21.

Second quarter ended with Bai (#11) making a shot raising the score 23-26, the Knights leading by 3 points.

Third quarter began slowly at first but picked up when Knight Rodriguez (#24) tried to pass the ball to his teammates but was intercepted by Scruggs (#23). Scruggs made a pass to Emanuel (#12) but the ball passed him by. As he made his way to try to get the ball, Emanuel (#12) fell and Knight Walter (#25), who was tailing him, followed him down to the floor.

Later on, Emanuel (#12) made a 3 pointer, seemingly redeeming himself from his earlier tumble, tying the Jaguars with the Knights, 26-26. Nuview’s Rodriguez (#24) had the ball later on and made a shot, bringing the Knights back in the lead with a score of 28 points.

Emanuel (#12) then made another impressive 3 pointer. The ball was then back to the Knights but, just as soon as they had the ball again, Emick (#10) intercepted a pass meant to go to Knight Rodriguez (#24). Emick went for the shot after his steal but missed. Emanuel (#12) followed with a rebound bringing the score to 31-28, the Jaguars leading by 3 points.

Midway through 3rd quarter, Knight player Rodriguez (#24) fell, along with him went Emanuel (#12). The two got up slowly, eyes never leaving the opposite side of the court as they watched their teams play. As Rodriguez (#24) made his way to get up, he slapped the floor in frustration as he watched the Jaguars score another point.

The two teams continued to be at each other necks until the buzzer rang, ending 3rd quarter 44-41, Jaguars leading by only 3 points.

Fourth quarter started with Scruggs (#23) attempting to make a shot and Josh Nkem-Ajoku (#22) rebounding and making it, changing the score to 46-41. But, just as soon as there was celebration for Nkem-Ajoku’s shot, misfortune fell upon him.

While blocking Junior Knight Chris Carroll (#1), Scruggs (#23) accidentally went into Nkem-Ajoku (#22), hitting him in the face. Although obviously in discomfort, Nkem-Ajoku made his way across the court, putting his shirt to his face but still playing. The crowd whispered in concern as they watched Scruggs (#23) pass the ball to Bai (#11), who then passed it to Nkem-Ajoku, who seemed to have been distracted by the pain. The pass caught him by surprise but he still managed to retrieve the ball and pass it back to Scruggs.

After that, he was taken out of the game and took a seat to rest, his team clapping. Coach Augustus put Steven Ibrahim (#24) in as his replacement.

The teams continued to play and during the last few minutes of the 4th quarter, Ibrahim (#24) was knocked down by Knight Rodriguez (#24) who took the moment to try to make a basket while Ibrahim was on the floor- the shot never made it in the basket. At first, nothing was called by the referee but after a moment, they gave Ibrahim a free throw. His shots made the score 48-41.

Throughout the whole game, the Knights fought valiantly against the Jaguars. Their skill showed as they caught up quickly to the Jaguars lead. Always neck and neck and often tied, the end of 4th quarter approached rapidly. With only 30 seconds left, Knight Rodriguez (#24) managed to make a basket and change the score to 53-54, the Jaguars leading but only by a point.

At 10 seconds, Walter (#25) gave the Knights hope when he took a shot and missed but, then, with another attempt, pushed the ball once more and raised the score to a hair pulling 55-54, the Knights leading.

The Jaguars looked to be in disbelief at the score. Ethan Emick (#10) placed his hands on his head, in minor shock, as he walked across the court, quiet. Shiloh Emmanuel (#12) had a similar emotion pass across his face but it soon fell as he lightly jogged his way to his team. A time-out was called and the Jaguars made their way to Augustus for a pep talk.

While the break time ran on the clock, the crowd cheered for the Knights- an early victory cry echoed through the gym, but it was too early.

“When they made the basket, I was thinking that we had to score and win the game. I’m not trying to lose our first playoff game and be all sad on the bus.” Junior Yu Bai (#11) commented on the moment when it seemed the Knights would be the winners of the game.

Bai, commonly known as ‘Barry’, stood out on the court wearing two different shoe colors- one white and one black. The mismatched pair didn’t necessarily hold a significant meaning as he commented, “Well, I think it was cool to mismatch the shoes.”

The oddity and attraction of the shoes would end up fitting Bai perfectly towards the very last second of the game.

The game began once again with only 8.7 seconds on the clock. Senior David Scruggs (#23) made his way across the court with quick and controlled movements and then passed it to Shiloh Emanuel (#12).

The crowd is shouting ‘Defense!’ as the Jaguars powered through a remaining 5 seconds. As the Knights tried to block Emanuel (#12), their rush to get the ball created a small pocket for him to pass the ball to ‘Barry’ Bai (#11).

“During the last 8 seconds, I was just hoping the team could execute Augustus’s game plan. It wasn’t until then that I was actually scared that we might lose.” Junior Diego Martinez (#20) may not have played during the game, but he was just as involved and enraptured by what was playing out on the court. “I was anxious- extremely anxious! But, somehow I knew something crazy would happen.”

And the craziest thing did happen.

With only 2 seconds to spare, Bai jumped to make the shot. The crowd went silent for the shortest second and just as the buzzer went off, the ball made its way into the basket.

The disbelief of the Knight’s crowd was drowned out by the screams of excitement from the Jaguar’s Cheerleaders and the shouts of joy from the Jaguar boys as they crowded together in embrace.

“It feels great!”  ‘Barry’ Bai (#11) commented in reference to his winning shot. “I told my teammates, “I told you, we aren’t losing this game!””

Bai’s shot made the score 56-55, the Jaguars winning the game and continuing on their playoff journey.

The Jaguar Boys were more than delighted with their win and, on the bus ride home, a single phrase repeated itself on text messages and out into the open air,

“Barry got buckets.”


Retraction: 2/14/2019 @13:25 pm: The story was changed as follows:

Senior Yu Bai (#11) was changed to Junior