The Real Mrs. Hatcher


Cecil Foster

Hatcher poses in front of the jaguar statue and trophies in our main office.

Chloe Norris, Journalist

Many people know “Mrs. Hatcher” as our principal, but she is more than just a principal.

Valerie Hatcher was born on March 2, in Barstow, California. She is a Pisces, but doesn’t believe much in astrological signs.

Mrs. Hatcher attended High School at Silver Valley. She played softball for the last 3 years of school, positioning as 2nd Base and shortstop. She continued to played on a softball team as an outfielder in college. However, even though she liked softball, basketball was her favorite. She played as a guard for the sport and enjoyed playing.

Many people may not believe Mrs. Hatcher was once a teenager who experienced the trials of youth, but she was. In her Freshman year of high school, she was bullied due to the smart comments she would make. Because of that experience, Mrs. Hatcher knows the feeling of being the one picked on. Today “Bullying happens more on social media and no one likes to speak up to the things that they see. Everyone stays on the side lines watching it happen, but it isn’t okay. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and everyone needs to stand up for each other.”

In her high school years, Hatcher was the Vice-President of her class during her junior and sophomore years, but one of her greatest memories was when she was elected to be her senior class president. Walking up on stage in front of her peers, the young Mrs Hatcher was met with small group of people booing her, but after the rude opening, she heard a larger crowd cheer her on. She believed people booed her because of her “strong and overwhelming opinion based personality.” Mrs. Hatcher said, “I have a personality that makes you either love me or hate me.”

In that moment of being cheered on by her classmates and representing something greater, she began to feel special and like she belonged up on that stage. She enjoyed being the president because she liked the feeling of being involved and active. The hardest part of her presidency was “trying to get everyone on the same page and not let just one person do all the work.”

Mrs. Hatcher is still friends with “a handful” of friends from those years, but they aren’t fellow classmates so much as they were her neighborhood friends whom she still sees once every 2-3 months.

Mrs. Hatcher now says that she wishes she would have worked harder on her grades, even though she kept a B+ average. She believes that “there was more freedom back then. I once was able to drive my ASB teacher’s car to go pick up more supplies for a school BBQ we were having.”

Looking back, Hatcher notes, “I believe I had a good high school experience.” Despite her positive high school experience, she didn’t initially want to be a principal.

In her junior year of college, she was studying to be a school physcologist, but she eventually become a guidance counselor at Barstow High School. She later ended up in Victorville when she was hired as a counselor at Silverado High School, where she spent 7 years. She then took an administrative test and was hired as University Preparatory’s principal where she has remained for the past 14 years.

Mrs. Hatcher was married for 8 years (2000-2008), but her husband unfortunately passed away a few years ago. She has one biological child, age 14, and another 1,085 “kids” also known as her students. In her spare time, she likes to clean her house, go shopping, and read when she gets the chance. “I am currently reading Becoming Michelle Obama,” she relates. Mrs. Hatcher has no pets because she doesn’t have enough time to care for them.

On a personal note, her favorite kind of music is R&B and Gospel. Her favorite color used to be navy blue and now she prefers the color burgundy, probably because she sees it everyday at her job. Her favorite hairstyle is the one that you see her wear most often. She is in love with a Cuban restaurant named “Portals” in Buena Park, but if you are looking for a new place to try, she suggests you try the “Potato Ball.” If she could visit one place in the world, it would be Israel because she is fascinated by the time period and wants to walk the ancient streets.

Lastly, Mrs. Hatcher’s hardest part of her job is, “when I don’t always witness students being the main priority and seeing some kids not live up to the potential that they know they have.” She tries to set a very great example for the students here on campus. One example of this is that you will never see Mrs. Hatcher wearing jeans on a non-jean day and she always tries to pick up trash to keep our campus clean.

It may seem like she is just a principal, but she is so much more. She experiences the ups and downs and of life, just like any other human being.