Middle Schools Jaguars First Game Ends in Defeat

Aiden Kroas shooting a three pointer in the late first quarter.

Aiden Kroas shooting a three pointer in the late first quarter.

Shiloh Emanuel , Journalist

On Monday, January 28, University Prep’s middle school basketball team had their first game of the season against Excelsior. There was a lot of excitement as a lot of students and teachers had come out to show their support.

The game started slow, with the Jags down 6 points to 11. At the beginning of the first half, 8th grader Andre Jamison sparked things up and hit two consecutive threes. Later on, 7th grader, Aiden Kroas, responded to the Eagles with a 3 pointer to place the Jags up to 15-14.

As the second quarter rolled around, both teams fought hard to ensure the victory. Izaiah (#11) hit the Jags with a barrage of layups and floaters while eighth-grader Marquell, who wears #21, worked hard on the boards. Kroas fired back with another three, while 8th grader Destiny Njoku had added a 1 of his own in the effort to win.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough. The middle school Jags took a tough loss, losing 30-37.

When the manager Jonathan Leung was asked what he thought of the game he said, “We started out well, but, once the second quarter started, we had a few lapses in defense and a couple of turnovers which ultimately cost us the game.”

Even though the game didn’t end with a win, the middle school Jaguars kept their heads held high, hoping for better to come. Coach Mr. Garcia said, “We had a hiccup today but I’m sure that we will be fine as the season goes on.” It was a hard fought game and that day, they just happened to come up short. It happens to the best of teams and the only thing that matters now is that they learn from their mistakes and keep moving forward.