Patriots Dominate the Jaguars


Hisham Qotami

The Patriots maintaining a defensive position as one of the Jaguars gained position of the ball

Hisnam Qotami, Journalist

On January 31, 2019, the Jaguars went to Hesperia Christian High to face off against the Patriots. Although the Jaguars were fierce, it ultimately ended up fruitless against their undefeated opponent, the Patriots. The game ended 68 – 44.

The game started unusually slow for a game in their league with both teams having high-grade defense and producing many turnovers. Later on in the first quarter, the Patriots kept turning over the ball and getting a dominant lead over the Jaguars. Junior Yu, also known as Barry Bai (#11) was an aggressive powerhouse but the Patriots’ defense was too powerful. In the first quarter, when he tried to go for a layup, he crashed into the Patriots’ Junior Dylan Brigman (#23) and needed to rest for a few minutes before getting up. The first quarter ended 18-6, Patriots leading.

In the second quarter, the Jaguars were struggling to catch up against the team. One member from the Patriots’ team, Senior Jeremiah Fredieu (#1), was a speed demon with all the successful drives he made in and the Jaguars couldn’t do much to stop him thus widening the point gap and ending the second quarter 35-14.

In the third quarter, the Jaguars lost their energy. Most passes turned into turnovers or out of bounds and any time anyone got close to the basket, Patriots’ Senior Nikita Cherednichenko (#35) would either block them or  get the rebound due to his massive height (6’7″). This along with their lost hope, caused the third quarter to end 52- 29, with the Patriots still leading.

In the last quarter of the game, new faces were put on the court that weren’t able to play in other game. The change was because the Jaguars had no chance of winning with their severe point disadvantage. It was a breath of fresh air seeing that many players don’t get a chance to play but that change didn’t do much to bring them back.

The game ended 68 – 44, with the Patriots taking the win and the Jaguars with a loss.