Eagles Can’t Take Over a Jaguar’s House


Ruby Magana

Junior Jose Bonilla takes a free kick, and passes to teammate, sophomore Jesus Martinez for a chance to score.

Ruby Magana, Journalist

On Wednesday January 10, 2019, the boys varsity soccer team had another conference game against Excelsior. This UP home game finished with the Jaguars winning the game 9-0. Although the Eagles tried, many shots were missed and they didn’t get to score on the Jaguars.

To start of the first half of the game, the Jaguar’s goalie, junior Gael Ramirez (#13) was playing field instead of his usual position as the team’s goalkeeper. Ramirez would get a hold of the ball a couple of times, but unfortunately missed the goal when he went for a shot. Then, teammates junior Alexandre Padilla (#17) and senior Julian Hidalgo (#12) came in and scored the first two goals of the game.

Later into the first half, the Jaguar’s coach Sammy took out every player playing field and put in a whole new group. These same players finished off the rest of the half, going into the second with a lead of 2-0.

During second half, goalkeeper sophomore Julian Rodriguez(#22) was placed on the field to play with the rest of the team. Rodriguez got a hold of the ball soon after the half started and shot the ball, but the kick rebounded to the Eagles. Rodriguez recalled the moment in his head, “I felt nervous at first because I haven’t played field in a long time, but as soon as I got a touch of the ball I felt more comfortable and took a shot.”

Soon after, the Jaguars took full advantage of every chance they had. Senior Steven Granados (#24) and Junior Alexander Orduño (#11) both scored in the beginning of the second half. Then junior Diego Ramirez (#2) scored two back-to-back goals making the score 6-0.

Keeping up with the trend, sophomores Julian Alcala (#9) and Jason Yi (#8) scored once again for their team. Then to end the game, junior Brian Ortiz (#10) made the last goal of the game against the Eagles’ goalie, senior H. Lima(#22). Finishing the game 9-0.

The Eagles weren’t fit to beat the Jaguars but they still managed to hold a good game.