Don’t Rain on the Jags’ Parade


Leslie Tello

Junior America Hernandez races after the ball at Tuesday’s home game, where the team scored 6-0.

Leslie Tello, Journalist

The UP girls varsity soccer team defeated the CIMS team with a score of 6-0 at Tuesday’s home game, updating their league record to 9-0-1.

This is the team’s second game against CIMS this season; the first being on December 4th, which resulted in a win of 4-1.

When asked if the team would have trained differently had they lost the first game, freshman Diya Patel predicted, “I think that we would have trained harder and focused more on like, tactical stuff, and did like more conditioning because if we would’ve lost, it would have been because, like, we were out of shape.”

Although the girls did not have to worry about last game’s results, they did have to concentrate hard during an event-filled first half. The ball did not seem to cooperate, missing the goal by a small margin on several occasions. Most of the action occurred on the Cougars’ side of the field during the beginning of the game, as goal keeper junior Kaylani Morales blocked the opposing team’s shots. It did not stay this way for long, however, after sophomore Nathalie Alvarez drove the ball to the other side.

The game then took a turn for the worst for the Jags when the senior captain, Abigail Vargas, received an ankle injury.  CIMS’ Lily Precaido was awarded a penalty kick after she was knocked down by junior America Hernandez while trying to obtain the ball. Not too long after, sophomore Arianna Wiscowiche, another skilled and valuable player, was taken off the field due to an injury. A miscommunication between sophomore Leila Sandoval and junior Cienna Rosas posed an additional issue for the team.

Despite these early conflicts, the Jags scored 5 of the 6 goals before half-time. Juniors Evelyse Padilla and Cienna Rosas, in addition to freshman Julia Perez, scored a goal each. Sophomore Mikayla Flora impressively scored twice.  

As the game progressed, the temperatures continued to drop. During the beginning of the second half, the rain began to drizzle. Spectators dressed in at least two thick layers began to huddle under the blue sheet out on the field to find protection from the water. Increasingly gusty winds hindered both teams, making the cold seem unbearable and the ball harder to control.

Regarding how the weather affected the players, sophomore Leila Sandoval stated, “It ruined everyone’s [playing] because it was too windy and the ball kept going everywhere. It wasn’t a good game.” In spite of the conditions, the players still managed to get close to the goal multiple times, with Coach Jorge advising them to “close it down” when they did.

Luckily for the Jags, sophomore Mikayla Flora did not let the rain deter her, considering she scored her 3rd goal of the game and the 6th goal for her team.

Although both teams played admirably, the UP girls were able to mark this game down as another win.