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The Ultimate Riff-Off at the Freshman Lock-In

Javier Ortega and Vallariee Garcia-Trevino

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On Tuesday, November 27, 2018, the freshman held their annual lock-in event in the school’s MPR. The lock-in was hosted by the class of 2022 ASB along with their adviser, Ms.Hallwachs. The event was put on to go over ideas for the class’s future and provided the students with food, games, and an opportunity to interact with one another and discuss class business, such as the new class apparel, the class chant, the Class of 2022 Instagram page, and other important issues.

After students paid their three dollar entrance fee, they were treated to pizza and a soda. Since students naturally gravitated towards their own group of friends, the event started with students socializing.

The event continued with ASB students showcasing the now available freshman apparel. Students were presented with the shirts, sweatshirts, sleeve shirts, and windbreakers that proudly display the 2022 class year. When it came to opinions about the class apparel,Tajina Maiden stated, “I thought it was pretty nice and way better looking with better options than our previous years, but I hate that the sweatshirt says freshman on it though because next year we won’t be freshmen anymore.” Evelyn Gallegos, a participating 9th grader, was happy to be one of the first ones to have the chance to see the clothes that will proudly display her class year.  “I came so that I can see all the apparel, and to raise money for our prom.”

The event culminated with a bonding activity called ‘Riff-Off’, where students had to get into groups and sing a song that included a given word. The students were lined up against the wall and divided into 4 teams. Once placed in teams they were given the rules. Featured in the movie Pitch Perfect, the game, consists of one of the staff members shouting out a word and someone from any of the four teams would need to run up and sing a song that included the word. Finally, after several rounds, team 1 took the lead and won the game. Singing with one another seemed to break the ice among them and provided the timid freshman the opportunity to interact with one another. Several people enjoyed this game and Luke Walusimbi stated, “It was so much fun! It was a great way to pass time and it helped us bond together.” Gallegos also enjoyed the event and had a great time participating in the games. “The Riff-Off was such a great experience. Even though our team lost, I still had a great time laughing at my friends when they went up there to sing.” Although she enjoyed the event, Gallegos believes that 2022’s lock-ins have room to improve. “I just wish we had played more games than just the Riff-Off.”  

At the end of the event, the class took a picture of everyone who attended the lock-in with their adviser. This picture was then shared on the class Instagram page as well as the class Remind app.

Apparel can be purchased from Miss Karina Banuelos in the ASB Bookkeeper’s office for the following prices: crewnecks-$16, sweatshirts-$24, t-shirts-$12, and windbreakers- $36.


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The Ultimate Riff-Off at the Freshman Lock-In