Is Victorville Safe?


Katherine Jensen

At 8:30 PM at the AM/Pm on Bear Valley, two people were observed doing illegal consumption of drugs.

Katherine Jensen, Journalist

Students of Victorville no longer feel safe going around their not-so small town. From the outside, coming in from the I-15, our city could easily be mistaken as a small gas station town, but, venture deeper into the depths of Victorville, and you will see that looks are deceiving.

Junior Miah Alamillo lives in Brentwood, not far from the school. The neighborhoods she most often encounters are the school and her own. But reflecting on her safety, Alamillo responded, “Definitely not. I’ve got to watch my back.” While on the other hand, junior Jana Lee has experienced far safer conditions. “Yes, [I feel safe] because I live in a good part of Victorville.” Lee also visits mainly her own neighborhood and the school’s neighborhood. Both of them admitted that they did not feel safe while going through old town Victorville. So what defines the good or the bad parts? rates cities on crime rates. Their scale is from 1 to 100, 100 is the safest a town can be. Victorville got a rating of 14. Now, to put that in perspective, here are some other similar scoring towns: Compton, CA received a 12, Los Angeles, CA received a 16, and New York, NY also received a 16. So why is Victorville, California almost as dangerous as city’s that are notorious for being dangerous? The crime rate per 1,000 residents is 35.07, Compton’s crime rate is 37.78.

Of course, different areas of Victorville are different, as Miah and Jana said they did not feel safe in Old Town, but Jana said that around her neighborhood, the outskirts of Eagle Ranch, she feels safe. It all depends on where you are and what scares you.

However, even in the safer parts of the city, there have been reports of abductions, murders, and theft. Communal areas seem to be much safer than rural areas, but when walking alone, always be aware of your surroundings. The best thing to do is to be cautious of your surroundings in every place.