Carnegie Bound: An Interview With Anna Komorita

Freshman Anna Komorita with her violin.

Angela Ancheta

Freshman Anna Komorita with her violin.

Samantha Casarez, Journalist

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Lately, the announcements have been mentioning that four students have been selected to perform at Carnegie Hall in 2019. One of the students selected is a freshman named Anna Komorita. Komarita wishes to continue playing violin even after she graduates and is inspired by what she can accomplish. “I just like having music being played out and produced by myself. My mom forced me to play [the violin] when I was around five, and I sucked, but then I grew and matured into how I play now.” Besides the forced push, Komarita is thankful. “Even though my mom was really strict with me about practicing it has led me to opportunities like these.”

Komarita has been performing in front of people for quite a while already, but she still gets a bit nervous. “It’s a bit nerve wracking, but it also gains [me] a lot of clout. Besides that, I like to evoke the feelings of music in the audience because I see that as something beautiful.” Komarita discusses her thoughts on the different people that watch her play. “Sometimes people you don’t know will judge you out of context. I like to perform in front of people I know because I feel more comfortable and welcomed.” Although she practices pretty frequently, she is still prone to make some mistakes while performing. “I’ve messed up several times consistently and I get punished by my mom for it. Sometimes my violin squeaks and it sounds like a rat, but mistakes happen, so I choose to learn from them.”

Anna Komarita has idols who help her realize her potential. “I look up to Mr. O’Rane and Julieta [Martinez], the first chair because she’s really good at violin,” For Komarita, having those people to refer to is amazing because when she gets frustrated with what she is playing, she can always ask them and knows that they are there for her. Playing the violin is her passion and Komarita hopes her future is one with music. “I would like to have something that applies to music in my career.”

Komorita’s talent is evident in her skills, and the opportunity she has been given to perform at Carnegie Hall is wonderful, but it is not one without cost. In order to pay for her trip, Komarita has created a GoFundMe page with a goal of $5,000. The money will go towards her flight and accommodations. 

Anna hopes to be able to perform at Carnegie Hall and have music as part of her future.