The U.P. Jags Win Against AAE


Hisham Qotami

Senior David Scruggs prepares to take a free throw shot.

Hisham Qotami, Journalist

On November 29, at Riverside Preparatory, University Preparatory played against AAE. The game started off very mellow with Ethan Emick, 11, making two free throws in the first quarter and David Scruggs, 12,  making two shots with a total of six points for the first quarter. AAE was off to a slightly better spot as they made 9 points making it 6-9 at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter both teams picked up the slack and made 20 points each making the score 26-29 at the end of the second quarter. The University Prep Jaguars fell behind in the third period after Earl made an astonishing 14 points in the quarter which was one point more than the Jaguars made in that quarter (13).

The score was 43 to 51 in the beginning of the fourth quarter and the jaguars were down by 8. However, in the last quarter, the jaguars really picked up the pace and got 24 points in the quarter and ended off the game 67 to 59, Jaguars game.

Ethan Emick reflected on the amazing comeback, stating, “It was a very good and intense win on the road and it will help us make CSF in the future. We have a lot of confidence as a team, although we’re a very young team. I feel like the more we bond as a team the more we’ll win as a team. We care for each other. We’re family on the court.” As for what Emick believes helped the boys basketball team to win: “Perseverance, even when we we were down by a lot of points and kept turning the ball over, we never stopped trying and giving a hundred percent, and I think that’s why we won the game.”