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Audrina Menchaca, Entertainment Journalist

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Do you know what WEB is? 7th graders, who are the ones involved, are not entirely sure either, nor do some of them know who their W.E.B leader is. This needs to change.

WEB’s purpose is to help 7th graders smoothly transition into middle school by helping students who are struggling with adapting to the standards of University Preparatory. In short, WEB –short for Where Everyone Belongs– is a mentorship between a group of 7th graders and Junior students who help them with homework by providing tutoring every week on Wednesdays and Thursdays to make sure that these students are focused and on track to become successful in the future. 

On November 5, 2018, while in P.E, Octavio Pena expressed how important it was for W.E.B to be around, and for the leaders to become more involved with the students they’re mentoring. “I think that W.E.B is something that helps with tutoring and having someone to talk to. The students involved have someone with experience who can talk to them and who can help them throughout the whole school year,’’ Pena said. He also believes meeting his W.E.B leader could benefit him, as he stated, “I feel that he/she will help me if I’m having a bad day because I know that person will be there to talk to and help me with some classes and my grades because that is what I am most concerned about.” As far as Pena’s expectations for his WEB leader, he revealed, “I don’t expect anything, really, but if there does come a day where I need help, I don’t want them to take forever to respond. I hope they put in actual effort and show that they care.” The more involved WEB can get in a 7th graders life, the easier things could be for them. 

Like Pena, many 7th graders don’t really feel like they belong. The reason for that may be because University Preparatory is both a Junior High and a High School, and we are all considered equal. The 7th graders haven’t gotten used to how things are with High School and may even feel left out, or they don’t know how to ask for help. WEB was created to relieve 7th graders of this unnecessary stress. So the question really becomes: What can W.E.B leaders do to become more involved, and more importantly, why aren’t some of them becoming more involved?


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