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7th Grade: Elias Gonzalez

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 It came quite a shock for 7th grader Elias Gonzalez to know that he had become May Student of the Month. “Normally I’m so busy and I don’t check my Gmail, but when I did I was surprised.” He doesn’t like to be the type of person who shows off, he likes to be himself. He thinks he might have deserved Student of the Month, because of the hard work he puts into all his classes. He hopes one day in the future he can become a robotics engineer. “I like building things, I used to be in a [robotics] club in my elementary school, and I started liking that, because you can program and build.”

In his free time, he enjoys reading, arts and crafts, and playing video games. Mostly playing games that are popular such as, ‘Minecraft’, ‘Among Us’, and others like ‘Plants vs. Zombies.’ He enjoys music, his favorite genre of music being techno and rap music. He explains how he listens to it a lot. He is currently learning piano, and hopes to get good at it, but He is also in Beginning Strings, hoping to learn as much as he is able to. He once participated in soccer, but since the start of this pandemic it has affected him greatly. “I used to play soccer but since COVID-19 happened, I haven’t been able to.” He says with a sad smile.

He believes he is a very normal person, but he explains something that makes him a little different from the rest. “Most people don’t enjoy learning, but I really do. I really enjoy learning.” He wishes to learn the most he can.

8th Grade: Emma Arreola

Emma Arreola is the 8th grade student of the month winner for the month of May. She spends plenty of her time focusing on school, trying her best to enjoy having time with her family. Although with the pandemic having a big impact on her, she still manages to keep her grades high and enjoy her life!. (Provided by Emma Arreola)

 Emma Arreola is a humble, hard working girl who tries her best in everything she does. She believes that there are people more deserving of winning student of the month. “I feel like I know what I’m doing, but I think there are other people out there who have been working a lot harder.” She wishes to help the people around her, to make an impact wherever she can. She hopes one day she can become a NICU nurse, a nurse that works with newborns and premature infants. “I love kids and want to help make sure they are healthy. She tried her best to keep her grades high, having A’s and B’s.

Emma enjoys reading, she explains that it is a way to escape from your world, to transport yourself into the book itself. Reading is a hobby she tries to include herself into frequently, but she explains with school it can be difficult to find time. The series, ‘Daughter of the Pirate King’ by Tricia Levenseller, as well as the series, ‘Keepers of the Lost Cities’ by Shannon Messenger are some of her favorites. She describes the ‘Keepers of the Lost Cities’ with a smile. A girl twelve years of age, who is also a senior in high school,  attends a field trip. She learns that she does not belong in the human world and is an elf with abilities, belonging to a group called, ‘Black Swans.’ She also enjoys listening to music and an escape, her favorite artist being Carrie Underwood. She lives with both her parents and her sister, appreciating the times she has spent with her family.

‘Minecraft’ and ‘Call of Duty’ are both games she is fond of, having played them every so often. She doesn’t play instruments, but does wish that she could learn piano or the guitar. When asked if she participates in any school activities she simply replied with, “No,” a laugh spread across her face. She has spent lots of her time at home since quarantine with her cat named Oliver and a tortoise named Leo. She describes how Leo has grown over time. “When he went into hibernation he was about this big,” She held her hands to the size of a melon. “When he woke up he was about this big.” She moved her hand wider apart to the size of a basketball. She chuckled, describing how she was surprised. Her birthday is on June twenty-first, she will be turning fourteen. When she realized how soon that would be, her expression was a mix of surprise and confusion.

Although she doesn’t participate in sports, her family does watch it on television. She watches baseball games frequently, her favorite team being the Dodgers. She doesn’t watch much football, but her father does and she sees it playing on the television. She claims that she is a ‘stuffed animal person’, liking to sleep with stuffed animals. Emma is a sweet girl who tries her best in not only school, but with everything she does. 

9th Grade: Jace Thompson

Throughout the pandemic, Jace has been able to dutifully stay on top of her studies, and her hobbies. She hopes to continue with these good habits next school year. (Provided by Jace Thompson)

Freshman Jace Thompson is a busy person and keeps herself entertained by maintaining her many hobbies like softball, volleyball, playing with her dog, listening and playing music, and many other things. She says that these things take up a lot of her time but since she enjoys these activities. Jace also is in the wind ensemble and on the softball and volleyball team which she enjoys very much. She truly has a passion for all these things and hopes to continue playing volleyball and softball. When Jace was asked why she believes she got student of the month, she says that she’s not really sure but that she thinks it’s because she stays focused and she asks questions when she needs to. Jace currently holds a 4.0 GPA which means she has straight A’s. Although Jace did not return to school she still manages to keep her grades at all As and maintains to stay in a sport. Jace advises her fellow classmates to keep on top of their work and to try to do most of the extra credit assignments when they are handed out. She also said that for those who lose motivation to set up an award system that will help you stay motivated. Overall, Jace is happy that she has been chosen to be May’s Student of the Month, and she hopes that she will continue her good habits next year. Although she stayed the whole year online, Jace managed to keep good grades, continue playing her sports, and overall stay a good focused student.