Covid Vaccines Establish New Freedoms


Shown here is one of the many rides at the SBC Fair- The Ferris Wheel. Seen from the freeway, it is a distinct mark of the fair. This year it has reopened with Covid regulations. Buy some tickets and go! (with caution of course)

Summer is right around the corner, and with Covid, you might think, “What are we supposed to do this year?” Well, fear not! Some amusement parks have reopened such as: Six Flags, Knotts Berry Farm, and your local Scandia (which has been open for a while). Now with vaccines available to children ages 12 through 15, there are new freedoms and more ways to have a much more fun summer. With that, students are taking advantage of these new freedoms.

Freshman Amaris Esparza shares her plans for this summer; she’s planning to do “a lot of running and getting a lot of conditioning in.” Esparza adds that binge-watching some animes and hanging out with her friends are among her plans this summer.

Esparza states, “For my 2021 summer I was originally supposed to go to Paris and New York with my family but because of Covid-19, it has been delayed. She adds that she is planning on getting the vaccine in 2 or 3 weeks when I return from vacation.

8th grader Priscilla Casillas says she’s traveling out of town for her summer. “My family is planning to travel to Nevada; we go every year, it’s kind of our tradition in a way.” When asked about getting the vaccine she states, “No, I’m not getting the vaccine because I don’t trust it.”

Freshman Karime Granados shares her plans saying, “I plan to hang out with friends, go to the beach, spend time with my family, ride my bike, and visit the SBC Fair. Luckily covid did not change my plans, to begin with.”

Granados explains that getting the vaccine would depend on her parents. Granados comments, “since I’m still a minor they’re the ones that handle my medical stuff. But I would like to get the vaccine, to avoid putting risk on others.”

Now with covid vaccines being given to kids the ages 12-15, there are plenty of other fun ideas you can do. The SBC Fair is a prime example. You can go spend some time hanging out with friends, riding rides, eating popcorn, or maybe some cotton candy. This yearly fair will be open from May 29th through June 13th, so get your tickets and go!

Hopefully this year we are able to enjoy summer again, thanks to vaccines and new covid regulations!