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Senior Student of the Month, Treasure Olson

April Students of the Month

May 12, 2021

7th, 8th, 9th

For seventh grader Ana Montano Alanis, one of the most memorable moments of the past year was when Aeries shut down. It reminded her that even if there are many hard things, like difficulties communicating during distance learning, we can still find ways around it. (Provided by Ana Montano Alanis)

7th Grade: Ana Montano Alanis

When asked why seventh grader Ana Montano Alanis would like to be an octopus if she could be any animal, she responded, “multitasking. I can finish everything and do whatever I want. I’d also want to color change.” She would use her octopus powers to open jars as well. 

Before COVID, she would visit the library frequently. Although she does not go as often now, she still loves to read, especially anything by Rick Riordan. She has not seen the Percy Jackson movies and she intends to keep it that way. 

If she could change one thing about her daily routine, she would want to go to bed earlier. “My sisters have zoom classes for dance, by the time we all finish it’s 8 or 7, it’s pretty late before we get into bed.” Her sisters are in kindergarten, second grade, and sixth grade respectively. Although sometimes it can get a bit loud, especially around 10:45 when everyone is connected at the same time, most of the time it is manageable. 

Waking up early has been one of her greatest challenges. She states, “At home, you can get comfortable and … wake up at the wrong time.” She even missed a class once because she overslept. Another challenge she has faces is internet issues, although she states, “I can’t really control the last one, but I can work on the first one.”

“In the end, I feel like you feel this responsibility to go to school, that’s what makes you attend, and to be honest, the classes are pretty fun too.” Her favorite classes are math, english, and science. If she could be famous for anything, she would want to be known for making a scientific discovery. She also has an affinity for spanish. One of her proudest moments was when her spanish teacher congratulated her and said she could advance up to AP Spanish 4. “I worked really hard, so being recognized for that feels really good.”

To others who are thinking of becoming Student of the Month, she states that they must remember, “EVERYTHING MATTERS! In capital letters! Don’t just not do your work, even if you turn it in late, still do it.” She advises people to not make excuses for themselves and to choose to be productive. “I got here because I worked hard, and you can do it too.”

Eighth grader Sarah Janelle Clomera enjoys math and science, partly because of her teachers, Ms. Barr and Mr. G. She says that Ms. Barr is really nice, and that Mr. G is fun and will always help you out. (Sarah Janelle Clomera)

8th Grade: Sarah Janelle Clomera

In her free time, eighth grader Sarah Janelle Clomera likes to play Roblox with her sister. They also play with their dogs; two of them, Piper and Paco, recently had a litter of puppies together. They also paint, although it can get really messy. When they have the time, they go to their aunt’s house to swim. 

If she could be any animal, she states that she would be a dolphin. “They’re really smart and I really like the ocean.” One of the highlights of her year has been going to the beach in Oceanside for around half a week, where she got to eat a lot of good food. She is considering becoming a marine biologist, along with a surgeon, doctor, or a lawyer.

If she could be famous for anything, she would want to be an actress in something fantasy, like with mermaids or witches. She adores everything fantasy. “It’s fun to read about magic; you get to use your imagination.” Currently, she is reading Beautiful by Renée Ahdieh and enjoys it so far. She also likes the TV series The Vampire Diaries. 

One of her proudest moments was when she got ‘Top of the Class’ in seventh grade. “My parents were really happy,” she states.

Her dad and her have recently started working out. One of her biggest challenges has been her self-esteem. She was concerned about her weight, mainly due to social media’s influence. She is happy at where she is now with all the exercise.

Her mom works from home and when she was little, she taught her a lot. Her mom got upset when she procrastinated in seventh grade. The transition to UP was hard for her. “I was really stressed out and would cry a lot.”

She suggests that others should learn from her mistakes and do their work early. They should also “let things happen, don’t stress out too much, and still have fun.”

She believes she was chosen for Student of the Month because she pays attention in class and works hard. She wants others to know that she is friendly, and that people can come talk to her whenever. 

Freshman Cesar Lopez enjoys consuming all types of media, especially video games. He also enjoys movies and TV shows that focus on character development and world-building. If he had to pick a favorite, he would choose Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. (Cesar Lopez)

9th Grade: Cesar Lopez

Freshman Cesar Lopez has many interests, one of them being video games. He states that the majority of games are enjoyable in one form or another. He says, “I like browsing the kinds of games that are acclaimed to be difficult.” He enjoys many games like Hollow Knight because of its “various challenges, unique art style, the story/lore.” He also loves Enter: The Gungeon because of its “intense difficulty, adorable style, a decent story, and tons of unlockable items to get.” His final favorite game is Celeste because of its “difficulty, storytelling, and emotional characters.” 

He used to attend art club in seventh and eighth grade, and would like to continue once he returns for certain. He wants to wait until vaccines are approved for teens and “things are back to the way they were, y’know?”

Lopez says that when it comes to school, he likes to give teachers the attention they deserve. “When teachers really put in the effort for us to learn (and trust me, the teachers this year are WORKING), I really just see that as a genuine care for our education. To pay it back, I do my best to follow rules and keep up with class standards.”

He feels that most of the time, the work teachers assign is not as hard as people make it seem. He states, “It just annoys me when a teacher is going through with their lesson or a student is speaking to the class and these people just don’t pay attention. The least I can do is listen to what they have to say.”

When asked why he thought he got Student of the Month, he said that he guesses it is because of his good grades and because of how much he pays attention in class. Lopez states that he is working on bettering his 3.8 GPA to make it a 4.0, although he thinks learning is more important than grades. Cesar Lopez overall just likes to put effort into school; he enjoys getting good grades and is happy that he has won the Student of the Month for April.

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10th, 11th, 12th

Sophomore Jade Amaya is very creative and loves to paint and make beats. She also enjoys singing in Choir Club.

10th Grade: Jade Amaya

Sophomore Jade Amaya is a very artistic student. Amaya states that she likes to paint and sketch. She also creates new colors and paints with them and adds the paintings to her walls. She states that she does not have a specific art style, and that she paints whatever comes to mind or whatever inspires her. She also says that painting is not the only art she does; she also loves making beats and even uploads them onto her YouTube channel.

She states, “I’ve always liked music, so creating it is something I enjoy.” She also mentioned that she writes songs in a notebook or on the notes app on her computer.

Amaya is the oldest of her 2 siblings, and the reason she tries her best is so that her younger siblings can see her as a good influence. She states, “Since they’re little, I take care of them when my parents aren’t around. I hope I can be a positive role model for them.” She even helps teach them sometimes since she already knows what they are learning.

Amaya says she tries very hard in school to be successful, and to become something in life. She says “I keep a schedule and list of things I need to get done. That way, I don’t fall behind or forget about anything. I’ve found it really helpful because it helps me stay organized and on track.” She maintains straight A’s with a 4.0 gpa as a very successful student.

She says she is considering whether she wants to be a criminal defense attorney for the wrongly accused, or become an intellectual property attorney. She has always had an interest in becoming something in the law field. Overall, Amaya has set her goals in life and is trying very hard to achieve them. 

Junior Alex Arreola’s favorite subject in school is English. She also loves creative writing. (Provided by Alex Arreola)

11th Grade: Alex Arreola

Alex Arreola is a hard-working and highly motivated junior who represents what it means to be a top University Preparatory Jaguar with flying colors. When questioned on why she thinks she won, she answered, “I think I was probably chosen because I turn my work in on time and I participate in my classes.”

Arreola’s favorite thing to do is listen to music. She says it helps her relax when she feels stressed and it’s “honestly just a great escape.” Her favorite song at the moment is “One Hundred Sleepless Nights” by Pierce the Veil or “Another Life” by Motionless in White. She also loves to watch the show “Shameless” in her downtime.

If Arreola could live anywhere in the world, she states, “I would either move to the UK or Italy because I think both countries are beautiful and I’ve always wanted to travel there. Of course, the US is my home but I feel like it would be fun to experience other cultures and live in a new place.” 

What’s her secret to success? She states, “I would say my ‘secret to success’ is always finishing your work even if you lose motivation or you don’t think it will be done on time. Finishing your work is better than not doing it at all. In terms of work ethic, I would say that I try to get my work done as quickly as possible. I try my hardest to finish all my assignments on time no matter how long it may take to get the work done.”

Senior Treasure Olson favorite song right now is “Kids” by Current Joys. She also loves to watch the show Orange is the New Black when she is not busy coming up with million dollar screenplays and productions. (Provided by Treasure Olson)

12th Grade: Treasure Olson

Senior Treasure Olson is a very creative person. She loves to write and create and always have a project to focus on. She feels lazy without one. “Having something on the side to do, just a novel or screenplay, or an art project, or directing some short film, is truly what gives me purpose, I think. I want to live and bring new things into the world, new entertainment for people to enjoy! I’m a hard worker when I’m passionate about something, and if I’m being honest, I’m kind of a procrastinator when it comes to things I’m not passionate about,” she says with a laugh, “But I’m working on it!”

Her favorite subjects are English and Drama, if you could not tell already. When questioned about her dream career, Olson states that it is to be a director for an animated show. She is passionate about directing having already had tons of experience. She states, “Being in so many clubs and groups and having leadership positions in them has helped me learn to be responsible and yet still have fun when it comes to being in charge of things such as shows or dance productions, so I’m beyond excited to get to use that in my career. That, and I’ve always been so enthralled by how shows capture and tell stories, and by just how many people tune in to watch certain shows. I want to be able to bring that happiness of entertainment into people’s lives, and especially through the medium of animation, which I believe is kind of overlooked when it comes to the quite literally limitless nature of what you can put in an animated show.” Her plan for the future is to move back to Thailand for one year to earn money and come back when she plans on attending UCSD.

When asked why she thinks she won this month, Treasure Olson exclaimes, “To be honest I have NO idea why I was chosen for this month’s winner… But I’m very glad and thankful to have been nominated and to have also won! As for the secret to my success, I have NO clue. I just kind of try to do my best at the jobs I take on, and I take on extra work for a lot of them, which is actually kind of unhealthy in the long run for me. Do not recommend.”

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