UP to DATE: May 3 – 7

Janelle White and Leslie Tello

CC: To start off this week, we have an important announcement for all high schoolers: if you are taking an AP test this year, make sure you know when you are taking the test, and how you are taking the test. For the school, if you are choosing to go to the school, [show up] 30 minutes prior to your exam. Make sure you have all the items you need for your test. [Ask your AP teacher for more information.]

CC: This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and the World-wide Anti-Bullying [Day] and it starts on May 4th, so we have Spirit Week! Monday is “Where everyone fits in” so we have mismatch day! Tuesday is “Star Wars Day.” May the 4th be with you. Wednesday, May 5th, is “Erase the blues with Anti-Bullying Blue Day.” So wear your favorite color blue, show off that school spirit. Thursday is “Superhero Day” because all our teachers are superheroes. Make sure you also send them a little note, make sure to thank them for all the work they have put in for you this whole year.  Friday is “We will put bullying to sleep with Pajama Day.” Get comfy, wear your school appropriate, favorite pajamas.

CC: And make sure to check the Virtual [Smiley Padlet] for your personal note. [The padlet link will be posted in the Google Classrooms on Tuesday, May 4th.]

CC: This week on May 6th, which is Thursday, we have a Board Meeting, from 5:30 to 7:30 PM.

CC: This week’s Words of Wisdom are, “Leadership is a series of behaviors rather than a role for heroes.” – Margaret Wheatley.