UP’s Cooking Club Thrives During Distance Learning!

Brazilian cream donuts are just one of the delicious dishes students learn to make at UPs Cooking Club!

Provided by the Cooking Club’s Instagram, @up_cooking_club

Brazilian cream donuts are just one of the delicious dishes students learn to make at UP’s Cooking Club!

Aramari Gonzalez, Journalist

University Preparatory now has a cooking club!  With distance learning, everyone learns how to make their treats from home. 

Sophomore Angel Numan shared some of her thoughts on the club. “I think it’s nice that we all make something together, it’s more fun and exciting knowing others are making the dish with you,” she states, “I think the supervisors do a pretty good job of answering our questions. [However], I think you have to go to the club knowing at least some knowledge because since it is online and not hands-on, they can’t physically be there to help you, so you would need to know some things to be able to help yourself in certain situations. It’s also a good place to learn new things and experience new strategies to be a better baker/chef.”

“I would say if you know nothing at all, you should join to learn new things but should also have a guardian with you to help you with anything [because] the supervisors can’t via Zoom.” 

Freshman Ivanna Estrada loves the club as well. “I think it’s a good extracurricular activity to have. It’s not only fun, but you learn something new from it,” she states, “I even learned how to… make cookies from scratch.” 

“I think the teaching is a well thought-out system, [the supervisors] seem aware and are responsible for us,” Estrada concluded.

Sophomore Hannah Ogundiran, supervisor of the Cooking Club said, “If we were to return to school… the kitchen does have ovens and we are allowed to use them.” However, she believes they might stay doing it online for the rest of the semester until they are able to figure things out.

If people want to learn more about cooking, they should definitely join the Cooking Club. They have meetings every Wednesday from 2:00 to 4:00 PM. For more information, students can visit the cooking club’s Instagram @up_cooking_club. There they have information about the club such as the class code, Remind link, and more.