Jordan’s Bakery


Provided by Jordan Romero

These are some of Jordan’s Halloween treats.

Allison Bolanos Lopez, Journalist

During this pandemic, many people have started small businesses- many of those being bakeries. Many people who have started a small business or a bakery during quarantine have started because they have wanted to do something that will keep them entertained, while also having fun and making money.  

Freshman Jordan Romero has started their own bakery business. They sell everything from cake pops to pretzels. They said they started this business because they “love making pastries, and hope making sweets will become their profession someday.” They have a passion for baking and making treats for people. They started this business by creating an Instagram account where they would post their own sweets and sell to their followers. Romero is a very social person, and most people know them for being a genuine person and making people laugh. They used their social skills to their advantage and even had a giveaway when they hit their first 100 followers on their page, giving away 8 items of the winners choice: any color and flavor they wanted. They are currently at 125 followers and will have their next giveaway at 200 followers.

This is one of Jordan’s many treats that was given as the prize for the 100 follower giveaway. (Provided by Jordan Romero)

Their pricing is very affordable according to them, and they say it makes customers happy. They state: “My prices are super low. My cake pops are only $3, and my chocolate covered pretzels and sugar cookies are only $1.” Romero says that since they love making sweets they would give them away for free, but since they needed the money they started selling their treats instead. They learned to cook from their mom, but said that they saw their aunt making sweets once and that they “fell in love with the idea of baking sweets and selling them to people.” Romero delivers, but since it’s a locally run business they deliver by car at $5, but treats can also pick up at their house.

They say that many of their sales come from their Instagram @emes_bakery and that if anyone wants to buy from them, they usually reply fast. “I try and reply to customers quickly because I know how it can feel to not be answered by a business.”

Overall, Jordan’s Bakery business started because they loved making sweets and they loved making people happy. They can manage to keep their business up and running during a pandemic and during school. Something that not many students would be able to do, but Romero would love owning a bakery business and hope they become big someday.