7th, 8th, 9th

7th Grade: Abeer Diab

Like most people, when Abeer Diab, who prefers to go by Mya, heard the news, she was unsure why she had won Student of the Month. She said, “I’m not sure, I didn’t even know we had a Student of the Month. I’m very confused as to why I would be nominated because I’m completely new to this.” 

She thinks, “Maybe it has something to do with grades, I have good grades. I like to participate in class, I try to participate when I can because not only does it give us points but it helps me learn. I’ve tried to make relationships with some of the teachers because the more you know the class the more you can relate to them.”  

When asked about her future she responds, “I’m not sure, college is a big thing for me. I’ve always wanted to do something with my hands; if I don’t do something medically I want to study helping people. Anything to do with the community, you can make a difference with starting small and you can get somewhere big.” 

Diab has many hobbies like interior designing and writing stories, but one of her favorite things to do is paint. “I feel like I’ve drifted out of that, like I’ll paint once in a while if I’m ever bored.” 

Diab also cooks with her family a lot, “I’d cook with my sisters because I have 3 of them, and it’s a big part of our family. We like to get out to get supplies, go to the store and just play around if we ever get bored.” 

Family is a big part of Mya’s life, she explains, “Without family you’re just alone, even if you have problems with them, just seeing them and hanging out, even just walking about them making memories. It’s always better to get to know the people around you, once you do you can look up to them or learn from their mistakes. They can help you academically or in the future.” 

Just like how Diab looks up to her family and those around her, she wants to visit them,  “I want to go to Syria at the end of the year, that’s where my parents were born, my grandparents, where they grew. They haven’t been in almost 25 years, I’ve never been my entire life. I want to see the place my parents grew up.” 

8th Grade: Edgar Olmos

Eighth grader Edgar Olmos believes he won Student of the Month because of his grades, “I mainly always keep them at A’s.”

Like Diab, Olmos has a lot of hobbies, “I play video games like Fortnite, then later I play outside with my brothers, we play baseball, football, or basketball in the garage. Basically just catch.” Just like many others, family is big in Olmos’s life, “One of the best parts about my brothers is that they always help me when I need it.” 

Olmos elaborates on his connections to family, “My family is important to me, they help me when I need it, and I wouldn’t be able to live because I don’t know how to cook.”

Olmos has aspirations of being a doctor or programmer, “I don’t know if I want to be a doctor or a programmer, a doctor is where I can save lives and a programmer because I tried a little trial and it seemed fun.” 

9th Grade: Bryan Williams

Freshman Bryan Williams was selected as Student of the Month because “he is an excellent example of a University Preparatory Student; responsible, committed to his learning, and he is ready to go the extra mile in his education,” according to Mrs. Mata.

She states that he always puts in the effort to understand topics by asking questions, whether it be during class, after class, or in tutoring. On his ability to ask and answer adequate questions, she states, “It is a beautiful quality that nowadays not many students possess.”

Once he does get the hang of it, he applies it readily to his work and helps his classmates understand it too. “He cares for others; I believe that if you care you learn.” She goes on to say that other students should emulate his honesty and responsibility. 

She elaborates, “It was refreshing to see a responsible, respectful, that also exemplified good listening skills. All these qualities are applicable to any circumstance of his present and future life.”