Home (not) Alone: a Senior’s Perspective


Joshua Martinez, Journalist

Change is not always easy, though it can be unpredictable. A year ago we were all surrounded by friends and family, and today we treasure those moments in which we didn’t realize that everything can be taken for granted. 


Being at home 24/7 isn’t how I pictured finishing my junior year in high school. However, no one was given a choice but to do so when the country was shut down. Millions of students and teachers were homeschooled indefinitely. Many goodbyes were never said, and memories weren’t made; the shut down took nearly everyone by surprise. I was especially worried as to how long the shutdown would last, since I thoroughly enjoyed the life I was leading. 


The first Monday attending school at home seemed like a weird dream. At first, a majority of peers and teachers saw it as a vacation, “ an extra spring break,” though it felt unusual to have to do something through a screen that is traditionally done in person. The first few weeks went by, and we were all excited to come back to school and have a good laugh about the extra few weeks of “vacation,” but we soon forgot about that possibility when we realized that we wouldn’t be returning to school as soon as we thought we would. The numbers of Covid cases only kept rising, and as they did hopes of finishing junior year in an actual classroom faded. I remember losing interest in school rapidly because though it was and always will be a place to learn, for me and countless others it was also a community, a place to make memories and make new friends. It was full of school clubs, bands, sports teams, and people full of passion and drive. It was meeting up with friends for lunch, or after school, and finding common ground with new people. In a sense, school was a home away from home.  


Though it was hard to see at first, school still is a community. It still is a place to learn, laugh, and make friends. Though for now it isn’t what it used to be, there are still people to talk to, to make plans with, and make memories with. It’s in a different light for sure, but when you realize that every square in the classroom is a person, people who we are fond of, then you realize that new memories can be made while we wait for the school doors to open once more, for friends to gather again, and for the heart of what it means to be a highschool student is restored.