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Sophomore Angelica Baclig is activity coordinator for Seek to Inspire and a member of both ADI and FSA. Along with those, she hopes to open her own organization titled ‘Chat for Ages’ where students can talk to nursing home residents via Zoom. (Angelica Baclig)

10th Grade: Angelica Baclig

Holding an accumulative unweighted 3.8 GPA is not typically easy for sophomore Angelica Baclig. Grades are very important to Baclig, as her goal is to do her best academically due to her competitive attitude and wanting to attend college at USC. Though, an unexpected pandemic can make keeping your grades up a bit difficult.

“Well, I’d rather be at school,” Baclig responds when asked about her opinion on distance learning this year. “I don’t like staring at a screen all day. Sometimes my head hurts because the screen itself is so annoying. I cannot!” she exclaims. “Sometimes it’s hard for me to stay on task because I’m at home. It’s better at school.” 

Baclig is entangled with lots of school related activities, so when asked about her personal hobbies outside of school, she jokes, “That’s funny, because I really don’t have a life! … I bake sometimes during the weekends… though sometimes it gets taken over by homework. I sew occasionally and I like doing calligraphy.” Baclig smiles, stating, “I want to get into more stuff, but meh.”

She is the activity coordinator for the Seek to Inspire club and a member of ADI and FSA. Beyond school activities, Baclig aspires to ready up an organization of her own entitled ‘Chat For Ages’ where the elderly and young can converse with each other through Zoom. “My mom’s friends own nursing homes… where there are people just laying around and watching TV. Some of them have no one to talk to, so I just thought of the idea.”

Amongst her very passionate dreams, Baclig wishes to get into the dentistry career. “Growing up, I’ve been talked about a lot for my teeth, so going through that makes me want to help people who have experienced that too.” She opened up about her personal reasoning, “I think it’s a fun job! I always talk to my dentist who is actually our family friend. She teaches me a lot.” 

“I was surprised to getting picked, actually,” Baclig responds when asked why she thinks she was chosen for January’s Student of the Month. “I think the main reason why is because I give it my all when I do these assignments. I always tell myself, or even people who need advice, to either go in or all out; no inbetween… If I’m highly confused, straight to tutoring I go! I think that’s also one of the reasons… I volunteer to answer a question or present because I think it’s fair to participate…”

Junior Nathan Huynh has an ongoing rivalry with his older sister Briana Huynh, who attends UC Berkeley. He states, “I kind of look up to my sister, but I also just want to be better than her.” He wants to either attend UC Berkeley or UC San Diego. (Nathan Huynh).

11th Grade: Nathan Huynh

Junior Nathan Huynh is always on top of the game when it comes to his assignments and work ethic.  Huynh is president of the Asian Diversity Initiative, or ADI, club.  When planning fundraisers for his club or getting students involved, Huynh always tries to make things fun for everyone else around him.  Friends from middle school like junior Jennifer Tran describe Huynh as silly and sharp and always willing to give everyone else help with whatever they need. 

Nathan Huynh has an alumna sister, Briana Huynh, who currently goes to UC Berkeley; he mentions how he has a rivalry with her when it comes to academics. “I kind of look up to my sister, but I also just want to be better than her,” Huynh remarks. 

Around February 12th, Huynh looks forward to Chinese New Years with his family, “Yeah, we usually have huge parties but because of the pandemic and Covid, we are just celebrating as a family.  We usually eat duck, Cha Lua, and Thit Kho, and celebrate with red envelopes for luck for the New Year.” 

Huynh’s plans for college are to major in engineering and his dream school is UC Berkeley or UC San Diego because of the engineering program there.  When asked why he was chosen to be Student of the Month, Huynh said, “I honestly really don’t know, maybe because I do my homework early and just get it over with so I can do whatever for the rest of the day.  My schedule during quarantine usually looks like this: I wake up, go to my online classes, do my work after school, and after take naps and watch anime.  My favorite anime right now is Love is War.  My life changed and school life changed a lot with COVID; I used to tutor after school with middle schoolers and I would dedicate my time to playing the cello.” 

“I used to be a huge procrastinator though on campus, not doing my homework until late, but online learning has taught me to just get it done,” Huynh says.  Huynh makes a comment about some of the teachers and their way of teaching, “Mr. Salazar is an amazing teacher and his teaching skills just work for me. I also love math so it feels logical. Another teacher I enjoy is Mrs. Zimmerman because I tend to pay more attention in her class.”

Senior Zachary Martin is a movie fanatic, as well as a musician. He states that him and Mr. O’Rane have been working on James Bond soundtrack songs together despite COVID cutting their time short. (Provided by Zachary Martin)

12th Grade: Zachary Martin

Senior Student of the Month Zachary Martin is a kind-hearted movie fanatic who always brings smiles to all teachers and peers alike.  As the eldest of all siblings, Martin finds himself being held accountable a lot.  When asked why he thinks he got chosen for Student of the Month, Martin exclaims, “I really can’t figure out why, I just am here.” 

During quarantine and online school, some pretty amazing opportunities have opened up for Martin. Martin has made an early decision to University of Redlands to pursue a major in music.  His decision was made because of how strong their music program is; he wants to write composition.  “I used to want to write film compositions but after quarantine, I picked up a new hobby with playing the guitar and writing a song. I found out how much I like to write music compositions.” 

Martin got an amazing opportunity to go to Carnegie Hall in New York in early January of 2020.  “I miss that most about school: music and playing. In New York while I was there I just stayed in a room for 7 hours a day with people from all over the world to play a piece and practice.  My biggest accomplishment aside from going to Carnegie Hall was being awarded in a music festival in 2019 and playing two solo pieces,” Martin recalls. 

When asked about what teacher made the most impact on Martin, he says Mr. O’Rane has been the most influential and helped him with the decision of going to University of Redlands since O’Rane is an alumnus from there.  “I’ve been in his class for four years, and the first trumpet section leader for 2 years; he inspires me to pursue music and due to COVID our time was cut short‒but we have been working on some James Bond soundtrack songs together.”

When asked what kind of animal Martin would be, Martin says, “I’d be a jaguar!  Just kidding, I suppose maybe a bear, nice but can be tough.”  Martin believes in kindness above everything else, “There’s no need to hate anything or anyone else in this world, when kindness unites all people.”